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TOM: "Hey OpSpec guys... you interested in hosting a class in Idaho?"
STEVE: "Idaho? Where in Idaho?"
TOM: "Idaho Falls at the Southeast Idaho Practical Shooters range facilities."
[Steve looks at Google Maps and Google Images of Idaho.]
STEVE: "Hell yes."

OpSpec Training makes our first visit to the Gem State for our Practical Fundamentals class on June 6 & 7. DEIPS is located about 15 minutes west of Idaho Falls. The club has a very active practical shooting competition schedule, so we look forward to seeing a few IDPA and USPSA shooters.

Click here for details specific to this class in Idaho, and you can learn more about the Practical Fundamentals class right here.

This is not a basic class. At minimum, students should have taken a basic handgun safety course and be confident with their firearm and gear. We expect students to have experience shooting on a line in a safe manner, including loading, reloading and drawing/shooting from the holster. Shooters with IDPA, USPSA, NRA Action Pistol, 3-Gun, law enforcement and military experience meet the program prerequisites.

Wondering about the OpSpec Training experience? READ OUR CLASS TESTIMONIALS specific to the Practical Fundamentals class. (Just scroll down the page a bit.)

Practical Fundamentals
Using a building-block approach, Practical Fundamentals encourages students to focus on the process of running the gun, tamping down the emotional desire to see results on the target. By using a variety of dry fire and live fire exercises, students are brought through the fundamentals of marksmanship with a focus on trigger control to help the shooter make fast hits on small targets, on demand.

Instructors*: TBD

When: June 6 & 7, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

Class size: A minimum of 12 students.

Tuition: $450, with a $225 deposit

Range Fees: $10 per student, to be paid in cash at orientation the first day.

Local Host: Tom O. – Tom has taken Practical Fundamentals with us a couple of times, and is excited to bring the class to Idaho.

Ammunition: Round count for Practical Fundamentals will be approximately 750 - 850 rounds

Important Links and Information

* Instructors listed for specific programs have committed to teach the class on those dates. Although we do not anticipate changes, travel delays, family emergencies or illness may result in instructor substitutions.

Southeast Idaho Practical Shooters
1600 N 65th W
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Where to Stay
There are a variety of options just east of the I-15 and State Route 20 intersection along the Snake River. All options in that area should be less than 20 minutes from the range.

Food at Lunch Break
To ensure you get the most “bang for your buck” we try to keep lunch breaks as short as possible. You’ll have 60 minutes for lunch, and our host will be providing more information about options to those registered.

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Thanks Steve!

I will be putting a list together of recommended places to eat, cool stores and things to do.

A little info about the range. The range is at about 4,000’ elevation and June is typically dry and ranges in the 70-80’s for the high and low humidity. SEIPS has 14 pistol bays and one rifle bay that reaches to 200yds. The range surface is mostly small gravel with nice dirt berms, each bay has a shade shelter and various tables and benches. Like most ranges, it does not have running water, only porta johns.

If you want to make a trip of it, Idaho Falls (IF) is two hours from West Yellowstone, MT and the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Also, about 2.5hrs south of Grand Teton National Park. Most days, you can see the Grand Teton from the range. IF is about an hour east of Craters of the Moon where NASA did some training and also Arco which was the first city powered by nuclear energy. IF is 3 hours north of SLC, UT and about 4 hours east of Boise, ID.

Please email me at seipsjune6 at gmail . com, rather than my forum email, so I’m sure to see it.

I can accept and deliver ammo to the range, but I’m unable to receive firearms at this time.

Bottled water will be provided.

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