Competition, Training near Elizabethtown, KY

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January 28, 2019, 09:44 PM
Competition, Training near Elizabethtown, KY
Going to be moving to Elizabethtown KY later this year from SE Michigan, where we are fortunate enough to have multiple outdoor/private clubs within an hour drive that host IDPA/USPSA and a pretty active statewide training scene.

During my research I was a little surprised to find that there don't seem to be a whole lot of options in the Elizabethtown/Louisville area for IDPA/USPSA, or even outdoor private clubs/ranges like I am used to seeing up here.

I know there's an indoor range in Elizabethtown proper, but like most public ranges, they don't allow the kind of practice that I am used to up here (e.g. drawing from the holster, shooting on the move, shooting around barricades, etc). But it's better than nothing and I'm happy there's one in town.

I was able to find a few outdoor ranges near Ft. Knox and Louisville, but at least on the surface they seem to be ranges that cater mainly to trap/skeet or have very restrictive rules. I know about Knob Creek, but that's not really the kind of facility I'm interested in.

As for competition the closest I could find for hosted IDPA matches are in Indiana, across from Louisville; a facility in Park City; and a large club in Wilmore near Lexington.

Am I missing something? I grew up in Lexington but that was long before I got into shooting so I never had a grasp of the shooting culture down in KY. Do most folks just find a buddy with some land and have at it? Or am I spoiled up here simply because the population density is greater and we have a greater percentage of the population who shoot competitively? Happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
January 30, 2019, 07:33 AM
Well, shameless plug for us down here in Paducah on the training end.

As to matches, you aren't kidding that it is few and far between. From Etown, you may be just as well going to Nashville to Music City Shooters. I usually shoot the monthly IDPA matches at Henry County Gun Club, but that is a horrible drive from Etown. Owensboro Gun Club has a monthly USPSA sanctioned match, which wouldn't be all that far from you.

Aside from that, what you have already seen is it.

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