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Thank you for the information, PPGMD.
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I took up Precision Pistol (Bullseye) last spring. Became quickly humbled by it, but very intrigued with it at the same time. Working on improving my scores is a challenge, but also a lot of fun.

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I like to shoot every different discipline I can find the time to participate in.

BB and pellet rifles in the yard and out in the woods with my sons and nephews.

Same thing for .22 rifles, I enjoy walking the woods with the boys and sniping acorns and pine cones in every uncomfortable position imaginable.

Practicing the basics.

Plinking. There's nothing better (imo) than shooting strong hand, weak hand and 2 handed at tiny little rocks and bottle caps to build basic marksmanship.

Bird hunting
(And then casual clay shot gunning also out in the fields with the thrower and just a bunch of friends)

I like prone and bench rest rifles. We have 100/200/300 yd square ranges at the 2 clubs. Shooting paper for accuracy and steel for fun. Sometimes my group use timers to add some tension to build skills.

We have a great core group of friends that shoot as a squad in matches, but also bought all our own steel and paper targets to set up crazy random matches with AR's as "run & gun" fun matches. It allows you to shake out your equipment and learn. No do overs, no walk thrus and air gunning. There it is, load up and go get em.

Steel Challenge
Occasional IDPA

My group of buddies shoot almost every weekend with different formats. It's a great mix of guys with some who shoot with gamer equipment, and other guys who shoot carry based equipment. But at the end of the day we are all looking to improve individually.
We tend to work on the basics a lot. You can't hit shit unless you have the basics down, and sometimes we get carried away with the cool shit only to realize ya gotta maintain the basics.
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My preferences are:

Steel Challenge
NSSF Rimfire Challenge

In this order. I would like to try other types but they are not offered near me.
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