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I dug out my P229 last night and headed to the range, (I carry a striker fired at work and compete with a P320). I started out with some one shot drills in DA out of the holster @ 7yds before moving on in # of rounds and distance.

I was amazed with my accuracy and speed with the first DA shot. I haven't fired a DA/SA firearm for some time now and not with any regularity in the past four years. In fact, I'm better now than I ever was in the twelve years I carried a DA/SA pistol on duty.

I attribute this to the training I received from OpSpec Training. Last night just highlighted this. My first DA shot was fast and extremely accurate because I used the fundamentals I learned at OpSec. I can't say enough about training with OpSpec.

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Thank you for the kind words, Sir!

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I'm hoping to take one of their classes next year.

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Thanks for the kind words, fellas! Oh, and 10round, HRHAWK has shamed me into shooting my 229 more. Big Grin


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