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A series of videos done by UF Pro came up in my Youtube feed. Topics cover CQB, room clearing, tactical medical care, and more.

They seem very polished, as if someone simply videotaped courses that were being taught by these guys.

This one one on combat medical care hits all the right points, with a few utterly hilarious statements by the instructor (e.g., "If you find a guy with polytrauma, in English "our guy is really fucked up..."; "He says 'I'm going to become an officer'... he's apparently loosing it, not getting enough oxygen to the brain....").

The accent sounds like English-as-a-second language Israelis I've known.

Any one know the background of these videos?

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The guy is former IDF.

He's got a training thing of his own, Project Gecko, which seems to operate in Europe. I think the UF Pro is a tactical clothing line that has partnered with him for these videos.

That's my take after watching a few of the videos and a google or two.


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I love watching his vids. Some leave me with additonal questions and others arent totally relevant to me, but i still enjoy them and learn what i can.

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