+P and +P+ self defense ammo in your daily carry gun ( poll)

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February 13, 2020, 07:39 AM
+P and +P+ self defense ammo in your daily carry gun ( poll)
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Federal 115gr +P+ BPLE in my P6.

I believe this is the load used originally by the ISP back in the day. I have in my 2 home defense 9mm pistols. Sig 320 and P229R.

I learned of it from some retired Dekalb County, GA police. They stacked up bodies like cordwood back in the day.

SG Ammo had a great sale on this stuff a few years back. I want to say it was going for $7-$8 per box. I bought two cases of it and keep it in .50 cal ammo cans along with a handfull of desiccant packs for long term SHTF storage.

Yep, so did I. Reality check...the current state-of-the-art SD ammo is bonded core. That means the bullet jacket is less likely to separate from the core and fragment. Nothing magic about it. Has benefits for LE especially, since they may have to deal with barrier penetration, glass, auto bodies, etc. Normally, civilians don't.

If I was an LEO, I would undoubtedly pick bonded. As a civilian, either will work. Most likely to have frontal/side shots at perp. Unlikely a civilian would be shooting through doors, auto bodies, glass, etc. One exception might be pelvic shots where the bonded would likely perform better. However, most people are going to be shooting COM where there are no really heavy bones.

Not looking for an argument about which is "best". Just stating why some of us have no issues with non-bonded core old fashioned SD ammo with long track records. Free country...use what you want.

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February 13, 2020, 08:25 AM
Sometimes but not always +p
I just pick whatever ammo has good reviews, and if it functions in my guns.

So far I have either 9mm HST 147 standard pressure and Gold Dot 124+p.

Standard pressure 147g HSTs seem to do really well.
February 13, 2020, 07:05 PM
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Stock up and carry the Win 127gr least in my g17s, HST non +p in my BHP....and 300gr Hornady in my M29 mtn gun

That particlar Ranger round doesn't penetrate as well, and tends to shed or screw up if it plugs. But, I spoke to a retired officer whose department used those 127s, and he said he never saw that round fail to stop a perp right there, apparently better than other rounds he had used or seen used on the job. but that may not be a big enough sample. I have not heard any department using that round anymore, but I'm sure some are, because they're still being manufactured and being sold to LEO departments.

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February 14, 2020, 06:30 PM
To be honest, I never worried too much about that... just always carried some type of 'hydro shock' ammmo in 9mm...

Now I've stepped up and I guess to a degree over the ++P range and carry 357sig.