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+P and +P+ self defense ammo in your daily carry gun ( poll) Login/Join 
Just curious of how many use it ?

weather its Dept issue gun or just your personal gun.

do you carry regular old ammo in your self defense , daily carry hand gun?

dept issue or otherwise

or do you go with the faster stuff?

never +p or +p+ in my gun (s)
sometimes but not always
+p yes
+p+ yes
some guns yes some guns no


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Since there is no such thing as +p .380 I marked no

I plan to get a 9mm from the same series (Kahr) and will stick with regular 9mm defensive ammo too.

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I see no reason for it. If you want a .357mag, buy one.


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Our duty ammo is 124 grain +P 9mm Federal HST. That's also what I use in my off duty 9mms.

I also used +P .38 Special ammo back when I briefly carried a J-frame off duty.

But I do not use +P .45 ACP ammo. Ballistic testing has shown that it is of minimal benefit in that caliber.
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9mm +P in my carry guns (M&P 2.0)
I also have no problem using standard pressure 124g HST ammo as they have proven as effective as the +P Gold Dots.
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For 9MM, yes in the form of 124gr +P or 147gr +P Federal HST ammo.
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no +P in any of mine...

Speer Gold Dots in 9mm or 38spcl

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I chose some yes, and some no.

For example, I carry Speer 125 grain Gold Dot regular pressure in my 938. It's a small, short barrel pocket pistol for immediate personal defense, and I don't think it would be wise to use +p in it regularly, nor do I think +p would be much more effective than the regular stuff in a pocket pistol.

I do use Federal HST 147 grain +p in my 228 and 2022 for carry ammo.

My 229 .40 uses regular HST as there is no recognized SAAMI +p spec for .40, even though company's such as Buffalo Bore make and market it.

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+P+ in my P7 since I picked up some for cheap.

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I carry and shoot Underwood 9mm 147 (gold dot) +P+ rated at 1175 FPS in my VP9. Chrono shows an average of 1179 fps in my barrel.

Why? Because I haven't obtained a VP40 and 357sig barrel yet.

Surprisingly it is the most accurate of hollowpoints I've tested and recoil is softer than the Win. Ranger T 127 +P+ I've tested.
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If I want more power in a primary carry handgun, I go to a larger caliber. I do carry CorBon +P 9mm in my pocket carried Sig P938 second gun because I only trust 9mm for bad-breath fighting distances.

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Mostly carry 9mm and I use Speer Gold Dot 124 +P.

I would be fine carrying regular pressure in the same ammo but when I was buying it I could only find the +P in 50 round packs which were cheaper than the 20 round, per round.


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Only +P load in my EDC guns is in my Ruger SP101 snub. Otherwise, standard pressure in everything else. My woods gun uses Underwood +P but I I dont run a lot of that through it.

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+P in the 9mm & +P 38Sp the not-carried S&W M36

Not aware of any 357Sig +P Razz

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I voted sometimes because I have, but lately Ive been rocking standard Speer 9mm 115g GDs in all my guns, they do really well even out of shorter barrels.

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Sometimes +P but not always. Depends on where I'm going and what I'm doing there.
Never felt undergunned not having it though.

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In my J frame Airlite, I prefer the Hornady CD non +P 38, 110 FTX. It has both good velocity & expansion. In my steel framed snubs, I like both the Speer 135+P GDHP & the Federal 135 +P HST. The later is formulated specifically for 2” barrel guns & achieves superb results.

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In 9mm, if I'm running 124gr, I run 124 +P HST or Gold Dots; if I'm running 147, it's standard pressure.
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Federal 115gr +P+ BPLE in my P6.

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My carry gun is Colt LW Commander in .38 Super. All ammunition I've seen is labeled +P to differentiate from the old and weaker .38 ACP.
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