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I used the search and couldn't find much, I have seen very little written here and I figured of all places there has to be some people here who have something to share about the Sig P290RS.

The reason I ask is that I have just purchased one; didn't actually get it yet, but it is on its way. I'm hoping that there may be some of you that own or have experience with the 290RS you would want to share.
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I have one and use it occasionally when I can't carry my 320c.

I don't care for the standard grip inserts, it feels like I'm holding a 1"X2" in my hand. The enhanced grips are a little better for me. I wound up putting a grip sleeve on it, that takes some away from concealment, but the palm swells fill my hand better and makes it easier for me to shoot.

It is accurate but it has a revolver like trigger pull- long.

When I qualified last month, I found I was not letting the trigger all the way out to reset. Not that big of a deal as I knew what was happening. I need to practice with it more.

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I get the impression that the P290RS is not highly thought of by many. A lot of people mention the weight and many more dislike the long trigger pull. I've carried a P290RS for 3 years and find it to be accurate and reliable. It is heavy for a pocket gun, but a good holster makes it feasable. Depending on what I am wearing, I use an Ozarks IWB Kydex holster, a Mika pocket holster, or a belly band. Also, I find that the weight aids control. As far as the trigger pull, I have successfully gotten used to it. I feel that it is a very satisfactory carry weapon for those (many) times when carrying a full-sized pistol is not practical.

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I have had mine for quite some time

It is totally reliable and accurate. I have pocket carried in on many occasions.

I do not find the weight to be perceptibly different from the Smith and Wesson 640 or 940 while being carried

The Smith and Wesson Centennials have been my pocket guns for decades, I am not much of a plastic person.

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I had one for maybe 2 months, shot about 500 rds through it. Wanted to like it.

Mine had erratic ejection with all ammo - never a FTF but it just sprayed brass from 12 o'clock clockwise to 7 o'clock, and everywhere in between - from straight up to 5-6 feet away.

Trigger pull was fine, I was trying to make it a pocket or light IWB gun, so I'm fine with a longer heavier pull. Odd thing is the trigger pull seemed different when actually shooting vs dry fire. I couldn't put my finger on it, again just kind of weird.

And my front night sight was just ever so leaning left. Very hard to see, sometimes I thought it was my eye, sometimes I thought it was the sight, sometimes I thought it was the dovetail - just irritating.

The mags were also 'meh'. They just didn't exude confidence that they would hold rounds while in a magazine carrier, the follower were funny and quite tilty, and the feed lips were sharp. The 8rd mag extension is kind funky looking but worked fine. The top round always wanted to pop out when they were full.

Accuracy was fine although I didn't shoot it past 15 yards, it never jammed, but the issues above were enough to get rid of it with full disclosure.
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One of the few Sigs I had issues with. Weight & size weren't the issue. It was reliability. Intermittent issues with various types of ammo, failure to fire. Went to Sig for resolution, came back with same problem. I'll stick to a J frame as a bug. P290RS, no bueno.. Good luck

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I bought a P290 for when a P226 is a little too big. It is not my favorite range toy as it seems a little snappy to shoot. But as a BUG, or small alternative to my EDC, it is great.

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I've had mine for a few years now...mine has been reliable, accurate if a bit heavy for it's intended use...

I'd carry mine over a nice S&W Centennial I have (the P290RS is slimmer, heavier, more accurate for me and carries a higher payload)

I'm not a huge fan of the trigger pull but those who have carried or shot a revolver in DA should have no problem with the P290RS...

Mine, purchased new, was less expensive than my S&W Centennial and my P290 has nice, easy to use night sights just like a full sized pistol...

YMMV good luck with your choice,


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Thanks for all the replies, I found your opinions interesting, and kind of what I expected to hear.

I certainly took many of those same factors in to consideration before I made up my mind. As for the trigger pull my current CC is a DAO revolver and I have shot revolvers since 1972. So that aspect of the 290RS actually makes me comfortable. For me the most important attributes of a concealed carry gun are: reliability, accuracy and size, and I believe the Sig 290RS qualifies quite well in all three categories.
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Just bought one a few weeks ago off GB. Haven't gotten it to the range yet to test, but have read up and down opinions. Mine has to fill a very specific role at work that doesn't involve fast draw or huge capacity, just needs to be small, have a trigger that certainly can't be easily unintentionally pulled and effective at about 20 feet at the most. I'll be happy to report back when I get the chance to wring it out a bit.

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There is lots of love for My 290rs....I carry it on duty as my back up to my P226 in my carry rotation. They are very accurate and fun to shoot. Not to mention that it fits perfectly in my pocket for the summer time.

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Bought mine off a buddy who had it and never loved it, but didn't hate it either. Well I'm a revolver guy, so I love the trigger. Smooth and not too stiff. Shoots well, and very little recoil, even with +P.
Not a Camp Perry gun, but easy to pack all day and small enough to hide away as a backup when I want to carry 2 guns.
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I pocket carried one for a year or so. It had a very smooth, revolver-like trigger. The pull and reset were just too long for my taste, so I sold it. Overall it was reliable and safe for pocket carry, but I ended up liking the Glock 43 a lot better.
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