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$3500 1911 or M&P Compact 2.0 + goodies? Login/Join 
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So here’s my current dilemma.

Would you spend $3500 that you meticulously saved for on a single 1911, or would you buy a M&P (or comparable polymer gun) and spend the rest on ammo, training etc.

You only live once! Go 1911!
No, practice and train. Get ammo and training with the rest of the cash.

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Oriental Redneck
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I'm not going to spend that much for a 1911.
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Originally posted by 12131:
I'm not going to spend that much for a 1911.

So, not a 1911, but perhaps something else? Wink

To the OP, I'm sure you know the difference between the two options. The wording of your question leads me to believe you have saved for that once in a lifetime full custom 1911, but are having second thoughts.

My heart is set on a Volkmann Precision 1911. Color case hardened frame, blued high polished slide with simple engraving. Jeweled barrel hood. Ridiculously figured burl wood grips. The fund is getting there. The wait will be unbearable, I'm sure.

It's going to be my Ferrari. I drive a Honda Civic and love Glocks and Sigs. Spend your money as you see fit.

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You already saved, you know what you want. Get it.

If you don't like it, you can always sell it (at a loss no doubt) and buy the polymer gun.
Maintain your current saving techniques and get the polymer gun later. Keeping both.

Four years from now, the money will be gone, spent one way or another but you will be left with this gun and potentially a regret... either having the experience of spending 3500.00 for a gun OR having wished you just bought it and not cheaped out.

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Grail gun every time. As you said it yourself, you only live once.
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You left out a third option.

Sliced bread, the greatest thing since the 1911.

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IF you really like the 1911 get it.
After the ammo and training is gone all ya got is a plain Jane M&P.
A Grail Gun will warm your soul forever.
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If you are craving having a great 1911, I say get it. As you said "you only live once".

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If you haven't been to a high quality multi-day training course, then that will do more for your shooting than buying another gun by far, and you'll have $ left over.

“People have to really suffer before they can risk doing what they love.” –Chuck Palahnuik

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An old neighbor always wanted a Jaguar. Then he was diagnosed with Picks - a very aggressive version of Alzheimers.

Within 1.5 years he could not longer remember his childrens names, where he lived, how to eat, etc., and passed away.

Very sad situation for his surviving wife and 3 daughters.

His wife still has regrets he never got his Jaguar.

In other words GFI (Go For It).
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Why only those two choices? Why not get a nice $1500 Dan Wesson and still have plenty left over for ammo and training.

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You will always want the $3500 gun, might as well spend it now.

On the other hand buy a Glock 19.

David W.

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FOR ME, 1911s cross the crazy line at about $2,000
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Commit one way or the other and don't look back! No regrets!

Semper Fi

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That is a bizarre choice. I think it depends on where your joy is -- you want gun to look at or one to shoot?

My choice would be to buy a Dan Wesson on and have approximately $2k for ammo, training, & fun.
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Are you actually going to shoot the $3500 1911? If not, get the gun you will actually shoot.

I've owned several $5000+ 19/2011's and shot the piss out of them. But the gun I shoot the most is my stockish STI Trojan which can be found in gently pre-loved condition for less than a grand. I have put almost 20k through it since the beginning of the year. It's got a decent fit and finish, great trigger, and is accurate and 100% reliable... point being, you don't *have* to spend $3500+ to get a really nice 1911...

Is my Trojan as nice as my SVI's?? Nope. Does it really matter when the buzzer sounds?? nope. Do I stress out about putting a billion miles on my STI like I tend to do with my $5000 guns? Nope.

I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew...
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I would get a G19, install Dawson sights and get 12-15 cases of 9mm ammo
It would make for one hell of a weekend
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Do you want a weapon or a toy/piece of industrial art?

I mean sure a high end 1911 can be a capable weapon, but honestly there are equal if not better performing weapons for. FAR LESS money.

I have an Ed Brown Kobra. It’s a helluva gun, an industrial work of art. It’s beautiful, precise in its build and function, accurate and just a wonderful firearm as far as somebody like me, a hobbiest not a gunfighter is concerned.

All that being said my HK45C shoots just about as well and is likely more durable/reliable in the long run and cost dump truck less money.

How about a Glock 21 or 30.....FANTASTIC fighting guns. They cost a pickup truck less than the HK.

I LOVE that Brown but for me it’s industrial art before weapon.

So again what are you personally looking for? Sounds like you want a cool 1911 and let’s face it 6 Glock 21s might let you arm a small sheriffs department VERY WELL.......they will never scratch that itch you have for a wicked cool piece of kinetic art. That’s just my opinion.

Now if this is about protecting you and the family ....... The M&P 2.0 all day, everyday and twice on Sunday.

"Guns are tools. The only weapon ever created was man."
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You could always build a 1911 (about 1k, 1500 depending on tools) or buy an very nice, high grade 1911 (easily around 2k) and still get the M&P.

I agree with the above, evaluate your wants and find out if you are looking for a piece of art you can shoot or want a fighting gun.
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Hmmmm.... $3500. If I had that amount of cash I would choose:
Ruger SR911 and ship immediately to the Action Works and spend the rest of the $$ on ammo and excellent (R.Grizzle) leather.
Dan Wesson 1911. Same as above.
Colt 1911. Same as above.
Sig 1911. Same as above.
P220 Legion SAO and off to Gray Guns.
But if you are determined to go YOLO, Wilson Combat.
$3500 cries out for real steel!

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