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Nope, don't do it.. for any price.

I had one for a brief period of time years ago. They just aren't worth the hassles.

My go-to .22 pistol is a Beretta Neos.

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I've owned and carried pistols for over forty years. My Mosquito earned a special distinction. The worst.
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Picked up a Neos end of 2019. Looking back now, it was a steal. Interesting 6" pistol. Never had the Mosquito but have conversion kits for the p220 and p226. I assume the GSG Firefly is the same as the Mosquito now?
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My first Mosquito went off out of battery. It was only a couple of months old. Sig replaced it with a new one, but I was never comfortable shooting it. I have not shot it for years. This thread reminds me that I still have it and want to sell it. I’d forgot all about it. I hope to get $150 for it thru the LGS. I haven’t decided on what to replace it with, but I’m not a big .22 fan so I’m in no hurry to replace it.

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I sold mine after trying every trick in book to make it run "right." There was never any combination of magazine, ammo, lubrication or fine-tuning that'd coax a full magazine (with no FTFs/FTEs) out of it.

I didn't try an exorcism, which is my fault. In hindsight, rather than selling it I should've stripped it to the frame, sprinkled salt on the parts, then burned them, then buried the deformed and melted remnants in at least three different sites. I would've been out the money, but we would've removed one more of these monstrosities from the SIG gene pool.
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and this little pig said:
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I bought one when they first came out. Had to have it because it was a Sig!
I agree with everyone that it is a jam-o-matic, regardless of what ammo used in it! However, being a firearms instructor, I quickly appreciated its use in malfunctions. The code of arms is identical to classic Sigs. I use it in my classes for experience in failures to feed,failures to eject, and stovepipes! Turn the lemon into an orange! I absolutely love it for this!

At times, I'll take the Mosquito out myself, just to work on malfunctions!
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I bought one from a friend who needed cash and I thought I was helping him out. Mine is a jam O matic, literally every other round is a FTF. I would love to get rid of it but can’t do so with a clean conscience. I’m gonna send it to Sig to see if they can figure it out. It’s a Sig that’s not a Sig.

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Truly an abomination in the eyes of God and man!
Ok, so after a lengthy break-in I got it to run, but the trigger could never be described as anything other than "dire".
Then to add insult to injury, the bloomin' slide broke in two - front part literally popped that stage, I trashed this pos...

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I never heard a good thing about the mosquito...

Was looking into it a long time ago, but decided i was not going to take the chance of buying a pistol that did not work properly.

I was told it was not even produced by sig , but that it was made by German Sport Guns ( GSG )

Funny enough GSG now makes a pistol : firefly and this is basically the mosquito as it was meant to be.

Apparently this does work fine...

Do not know if you guys can buy this is in the United States
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I bought a Mosquito back in 2006, I believe, lightly used for $300. I really liked the concept, but mine was horrible. Even with Mini-Mags, it would fire 2-3 rounds and then fail to extract, so I'd have to stop and pull the casing out of the chamber. With lower power .22, it would fail to fully cycle and would either not pick up the next round or it would stovepipe (or just about any other manner of misfeed). I seriously considered turning it in to a police buy-back program so it would get crushed and melted down. I ended up selling it to a local dealer two years ago for $125 just to get rid of it (they had two in their case for $300), but I still feel a bit guilty that someone else could end up with it.


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If you'd like to own a jammo-matic and need a weight lifting program for your trigger finger... go for it.

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I’ve honestly lost count of how many rounds I’ve put through my Mosquito but never had any issues with it or any magazine I’ve used with it. It is well broken in, noticeably so compared to a lightly shot one. Quite accurate and probably my favorite to go out and plink with at the range. I will fully admit the trigger is nothing to write anything positive home about, it did improve with polishing the side of fcu and removing the magazine safety, but only ever so slightly. One of these days I’ll start testing alternate hammer springs and possibly machine a replacement trigger for the sport.
Somewhat sadly I’m giving it up back to a friend since I just picked up a Mosquito Sport. I had wanted a Sport in the beginning but they were impossible to find and a standard with wood grips was too much to pass up from my friend. Hopefully I can get the new Sport broken in to a similar degree as my original one. Granted the original mosquito is covering half of a Benelli M4 clone in a trade so I’m not going to be out too much in the long run and I can probably buy it from him a second time.
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