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Originally posted by Belgian Blue:
Then, they release their steel framed variants (which are supposedly premium pieces) and they give ‘em meh triggers.
Oh, the Q4 SF is a premium pistol. The one I handled was absolutely gorgeous. Aside from the grips err grip, trigger shoe, safety blade and sear housing, it's an all-metal pistol (discounting the follower and floorplate of the magazine). If one has ever examined P99/PPQ sear housing, the reason this is a molded part becomes apparent. The trigger shoe and safety blade are existing PPQ parts, and I think the designers at Walther felt that the Q4/Q5 would have the very same super-short and very light trigger pull as the P99 and PPQ. Certainly, though, there are some differences between the polymer and metal frames, and there must be some minor dimensional differences between the two frames which account for the slighty but noticeably inferior pull of the Q4. I don't think Walther "gave" the pistol its trigger pull- that is to say, the difference is not intentional.

I've no doubt that countless 1300 dollar 1911 pistols have had trigger work and/or fire control component upgrades performed/installed for/by their enthusiastic owners, and let's be honest- the stock trigger pull of the Q4 is still vastly better than any stock Glock ever made. It's just that the Q4 trigger seems like a gyp when compared to relatively inexpensive PPQ, which has the best stock trigger pull of any striker-fired pistol I've ever handled.

Who's to say how long the Q4 will be in production? While I don't anticipate it being discontinued any time soon, it may be that in, say, ten years, some shooters will be kicking themselves for not picking one up when they were available. And let's not forget that a significant percentage of Q4s may never see even the first round fired by their owners, which leads us back to its value as a collectible.

The Dynamic Performance trigger looks damn neat, but it's my undertsanding that in order for it to achieve its full potential, it requires a new, tunable sear housing which (it appears) is only going to be available if you send your pistol in to Walther. As others have pointed out, there are two or three vendors offering upgraded PPQ triggers, but if it were me, I'd want the Walther factory option.

I doubt Walther will at some point begin installing the DP trigger and tuned sear housing on Q4s going out the door, because they would end up with more than a few angry Q4 owners ringing their phone off the hook, demanding to have these parts fitted to their pistols retroactively and free of charge. Perhaps this is all calculated by Walther to entice Q4 owners to lay out even more cash than they have already, but I don't think that's the case, though it is a possibility. I think, though, there's little to complain about because a man buying a Q4 is not looking just for a shootable pistol. That already exists in the excellent PPQ.


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I actually just picked up the Walther PPQ Q4 SF. It’s a beautiful gun, the trigger isn’t as nice as the PPQ trigger I remember but it’s still good.

I love quality, steel frame handguns and want to support Walther with my wallet on this one. A lot of talk about how it’s expensive for a striker fired gun, maybe so but it’s not that expensive for a quality steel frame pistol which is how I view it.

Oh and I would agree on future value. For those that said “I wish I bought X pistol back in the day”. This will be an “x pistol” for sure.
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Quick question for those lucky owners out there. Does it come with 2 or 3 mags? I see some sellers are listing it with 3 and some with 2 mags.
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The Q5 Match SF and Q5 Match SF Pro come with three magazines. The Q4 SF comes wth two mags.
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