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I also like JM of they make one that fits your require,ents.


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I have a Raven Prerun for my G17 as well and like it. I prefer the older Raven's (just prior to the Prerun) but the Prerun performs and carry's well.
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I bought a Black Rhino for my G19 with the TLR7 mounted on it. I'm sure that it was here on SF that I first heard about them. I'm not big into Kydex, but that holster is very well-built, and works well.

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I'm about to order a Vedder.... unless someone knows of something better.......

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All my competition holsters are going to be from LS Holster. I use the Huron but they make an Antero that’s a little more concealable.

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I just got my first one and now I want another.
Tell them what gun and what light. Ask for the heavy duty kydex.

They will make whatever you want.


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BladeTech makes an excellent competition holster in their OWB Classic holster. Full kydex and several different attachment methods (pancake, ASR, etc). I prefer the ASR attachment for competition. My other holster brand favorites are Black Rhino and Vedder, but I can’t speak to their competition holsters
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Originally posted by yanici:
I love Garrett Industries OWB holsters. Great people to talk to and very good product.
Garrett can be very creative in design. Similarly built are from a small maker but what jl is seeking would come under their custom offerings. Funky name but I like how they build them, Skull Crush Holsters. I really like their magazines pouches.
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I'm waiting on a holster for my G-21 and WML.

Recommend from a few of our SWAT guys, they like them.


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Black Point Tactical , works check them out , Mission First is another ,
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I have been buying Garrett Holsters for years. Great to deal with and he can mold whatever you need. His leather lined Kydex is the perfect marriage imo. Kydex on the outside for durability and leather lined for a much quieter draw and much easier on the guns finish.

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The last 3 OWB kydex holsters I bought have been from JM Custom Kydex or Red Hill Tactical. None have been for an attached light but some designs seem much wider than they need to be with too many screws.
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jljones, if you've not decided yet, please take a look at kydex in the ccw methods forums belts and holsters thread. Thats some very nice offerings at fair price and fast turn around.
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All my Kydex are from G Code.
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For standard belt holsters, I usually go with either the T-Rex option MikeGLI mentioned or, more frequently, G-Code.

Overall, the G-Code holsters are nicer than the T-Rex, but T-Rex will usually be faster with shipping.

For a concealable holster, I'd look elsewhere, but those are my standard range on the belt holsters. Both mfgs will have a full set of options for Glock pistols.


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If its going to be range/warbelt type set up I would go with T.Rex Ragnarok no question in my mind. If you might want to conceal it somewhat go with Bravo Concealment. IMO

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I was not happy with the retention of the bravo concealment with a light. Had to forcefully mash it down to get it in the holster. Surprised because I like their non light bearing models.
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I’m voting for Vedder since I represent them. Take a look at their outside the waistband offerings. There turn around time is usually just a few days. I have a link in my profile.

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Bravo Concealment OWB holsters are first rate and quite affordable. I got one with their price deal when I got an IWB for my 365 and have been a happy boy.
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Right now my standard range holster is either a Tenicor ARX LUX for OWB or, with kit and warbelt a Safariland 6354DO. I've also had good experience with Blade Tech in the past.

I've owned the T-Rex Arms Ragnorak and was disappointed by its retention. If you're looking for a competition holster, where speed is paramount, its a good option. However, too many users place speed as the most essential attribute to the detriment of other equally important points like: design, fit, retention, protection. A couple of people I know have had their pistols tumble out of their Ragnorak's when bending over or, running. Red Face There's quite a bit of the pistol exposed and if you're doing a dynamic course or, your work requires you to do a lot of movement, the chance of things getting tangled up or, grit/debris getting inside the holster causing problems is pretty high.
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