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Great Karma!!!

No need to enter me as I have been blessed by you and Sigforum too much.

Happy Memorial Day

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Please enter me on your very generous karma! Serving since 1989. Armor, CAV, and a little logistics along the way for good measure. Currently in battalion command.

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Thank you for your generous Karma for all of us Military folks. I served in the US Army, 1970 - 1976, yes, during the lovely Vietnam conflict.

My Dad was a Crew Chief on a B24 Liberator in the North African Campaign during WW2. And my older Brother served in the USAF I would love to be included in this amazing Karma!

A Veteran is someone who wrote a blank check Made payable to 'The United States of America' for an amount of 'Up to and including their life'.
That is Honor. Unfortunately there are way too many people in this Country who no longer understand that.
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Another extremely generous karma 12131...please include me as I/we qualify:

Me: USN MM/SS/DV, Submarines '69 - '73
Dad: USA Sgt. Infantry '40 - '45 WWII PTO/5 Campaigns
Gramps: USA Sgt. Cavalry '15 - '18 Punitive Expedition & WWI
And; kind of like Lt. Dan’s family…but with much happier endings:
Spanish American War
Civil War
War of 1812
American Revolution
French & Indian War
King Philip’s War
Pequot War

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Grandad was Army, dad was Navy. Please include me.
Thank you for another incredibly generous karma, and thank you to all who served!
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Awesome Karma, Sir!! Please count me in!!

I was USMCR from 1990 till 1996. Currently USBP down here in South Texas.

My Dad was USAFR during Vietnam.

My Grandpa on my mom's side was US Army Air Corp/Air Force, He was trying to learn to fly when the war ended. He said they were training in Bi-planes but his landings were pretty rough.

Thanks to all who served and the family members who served!!
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Please add me for an entry for my daughter, born in KC (92). Wink
She is currently serving in the Air Force.

Thanks once again for your generosity.

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Thank you for doing this. I served USMC 1997-2001, my father was Navy in Vietnam, and my grandfather was a Navy Seabee in WW2.
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Please include me. I served in the U.S. Army. Thank you for your generosity and consideration.
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Gloom, despair and
agony on me.
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I would like to enter on behalf of my late grandfather, JB Parker and two late great uncles, Johnny and Gene Gimble. Thanks!

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I'm not laughing
WITH you
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I'm in please! 123rd Tactical Recon. Wing, 122nd Combat Support Squadron.

Rolan Kraps
SASS Regulator
Gainesville, Georgia.
NRA Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Instructor - Pistol / Personal Protection Inside the Home
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Don't enter me (even though I have my Grandpa's old 1903-A3 and he served in the Pacific in WWII). Just wanted to say that's a sweet P228 and I wish you and the winner the best.

tempus edax rerum
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Rumors of my death
are greatly exaggerated
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Q, a most generous Karma sir. I proudly served USAF 1977-1981. Thanks for recognizing those that helped keep our great nation safe!

"Someday I hope to be half the man my bird-dog thinks I am."

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For real?
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Please enter my son, he's been Army since '15 and plans on being a lifer.

No stories really but he's learned never to jump from a plane with his cell phone (he's lost two that way). His current phone was a gift from a SIG Forum member.

I'm the old dude in the Deadpool shirt. We got in late and didn't have time to stop at the hotel to change before his graduation. He's still with the 82nd at Fort Bragg. We're going to visit him and their new baby at the end of June. Wow, granddaughter #2. I'm getting old.

Not minority enough!
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My hypocrisy goes only so far
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Thank you for these Karmas that you've been conducting here.
And for the chance for this old Jarhead to enter.

Desert Storm

Me my guys in the Norwegian Sea.

Me & my 203



"Never let a Wishbone grow where a Backbone should be "

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Fire for effect
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Dear 12131, I am amazed at your generosity in giving away P228s as karmas. I know that you have given away several.

Please don't enter me. I just wanted to comment on your generosity.

This message has been edited. Last edited by: Arty,

"Ride to the sound of the big guns."
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Free men do not ask
permission to bear arms
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7 years in the SIGC. Europe, Alaska, Viet Nam.
Detailed to Build the office for Westmoreland. I
will shoot the hell out of it. Thanks.

A gun in the hand is worth more than ten policemen on the phone.
The American Revolution was carried out by a group of gun toting religious zealots.
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Please include me, Army Paratrooper 1976-1979, got accepted into OCS, Submariner 1979-1985 (long story), another 12 years reserve after that.

and a few others
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Army ROTC myself but never took a commission. My wife and I were Navy brats growing up so we each have good stories from our respective childhoods.

Two for you...both of which involve my dad's time as a Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) not to be confused with a Special Warfare Officer (SWO) or SEAL.

1) I went to a "bring your child to work day" sort of thing when my dad was XO on a destroyer. It was in port so I got to go in early with him and run through his normal day. Just happened to be the weekly or monthly "Captain's Mast", or the last bit of shipboard justice before a sailor gets kicked off the ship. My old man had me sit on the ASROC launcher while and his CO went through a short line of sailors with infractions ranging from minor to quite serious.

Now, my old man was never one to curse in the house....we'd get in trouble for a "dang" or "damn" even. The words out of his mouth when a sailor stood at attention at the Captain's Mast with blood on his dress whites....yeah, totally realized my pop had a sailor's mouth on him. I'd never heard it before.

2) My dad's destroyer was getting work done at the Navy installation in downtown Norfolk, VA right by the Berkley Bridge in July of 1986. It's right across from Waterside, for folks who know the area. For 4th of July, we were going to watch the fireworks downtown from the bridge but headed over to Waterside for seafood at Phillips. A water taxi took us over.

We apparently stayed too long because no more water taxi's were running back across to the pier. We were contemplated a walk across the bridge (not advisable as its a major highway) when my SWO pop ran into a few other SWO types (other kind). Turns out a couple SEAL's he knew from his time off Beirut back in '83 or Dam Neck after that (never did hear the "how"). Turns out, they had commandeered a RHIB to go over drinking at the bars (not yet opened) and offered to shuttle us back to the pier across the Elizabeth River.

So...I can honestly say I've been aboard a RHIB with a SWO or SWCC guy at the helm.

Anyways...hope those were fun/interesting. THanks Q as always for your generosity and congrats to whomever benefits.
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I was in the 35th Infantry Unit from 1992 - 2002. We were preparing for a deployment and I broke my back. Unfortunately I lost all my pictures from a fire but I was trained on a vehicle like this one. a M901 ITV TOW missile gunner.

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still want to test me, take a step forward.
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