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Have a chance for a W German 226 (shows some wear) at $550 or a basically NIB wih 3 mags 320 for $450. Yes, we all know that's not info, but what the heck, which do you choose?

Do you choose the 226 or the 320?


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226 because its the finest Sig ever made.

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That's not even a choice...

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Originally posted by WARPIG602:
226 because its the finest Sig ever made.

This X 100


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You dig
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If it's a proof marked W German 226 grab it.

You can get a 320 later.
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Is this a trick question? Gotta be a trap somewhere.
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Yup, the 226 now, you'll be able to get a decent deal on a 320 anytime. The W German P226s will only cost more, get more use before hitting the market etc. as time goes by.

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226 on any day!
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Well, logically the answer is the P226. They're not making any more folded slide W. Germans.

However, I bought a P229, a P228, an SP2022, a P230 and a P320 before I finally got around to getting a P226. Actually I'm still waiting for delivery on it.

So I voted P320 because that's what I did. But I had other pistols similar enough to the P226 that I never felt the need to get one.

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I guess I'm one of the few who voted 320. I love my Sigs but have never been a 226 fan.

A 320 with 3 mags for $450 is a really good price too.
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Since I have no idea what you would use it for, I picked 320 too. In case you need to deep conceal, range toy, hang a light, etc. you can just switch out the FCU.

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I really like my P226, even though it has become a safe queen. I wouldn't give it up. But I carry and compete with P320s.
If you have the opportunity to get a good P226 for that price, I would recommend it and get the P320 latter. I'm assuming that you have a carry/home defense gun already.

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P226 no question, doubt, or hesitation. P320 will be around awhile, if you really have to have one. Trucks and guns are supposed to be made of metal, imho.
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What would you use it for? Do you already have a P-series or a 320? Do you historically have to swap grips out to fit your hands? I don't like making blind recommendations.

Personally, I'd get the 226, but everything I have is hammer-fired, and I have compatible spare parts, mags, and holsters already. I know if I get a 320 and like it, I'll just have to get another one so my carry gun can be the same as my range gun. And then I'll have to get holsters, mags, sights, etc, etc. Since I'm trying to save for a 9mm carbine, that's a road I don't want to go down right now. Smile

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I'd have to vote the P226. I have both, but am not sold on the P320.

I have the same problem JAFO point out -- the logistics tail of any new firearm. That includes different grips, holsters, caliber conversions, etc. Of course, how much of that stuff you actually use is another question. My P320 sits in it Compact / Medium frame 9x19mm configuration, despite the accessories I've accumulated. In that role, I prefer the HK P30sk or the Glock 19. In full size, I'd go with the P226.
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I am a DA/SA or SAO guy all the way. For personal reasons, I prefer not to carry striker guns. So for me, it's the 226.

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P226, no question in my mind.

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Having to assume the use case...I would say 226 would be the emotional choice and 320 would be the practical choice.

I love the 226 and am generally drawn to the older classic line sigs...i can't explain it (and my friends don't get it either) but that's the way it is. I love the classic sigs... I say 'emotional choice' because from a practical perspective (maintenance, cost, flexibility, etc) I can see that the P320 is the objectively better choice...but a boring one. The P320 is a modern design with all the benefit of current technology, but built to a price point and certainly not something you'd ever find in the same sentence as craftsmanship as you might describe a 226. It's not something you'd ever look at and think wow this is such a great looking piece.

So i guess that's what it boils down to - you looking for a classic German with a little more complexity/maintenance/cost or something modern, practical, and positively uninteresting?

I have multiples of both but....quite a few more classic P series sigs than 320s, that's for sure. With the 320, when you've got one you pretty much have them all. Not so with the classics.

Somewhere in that rambling there is a coherent thought - hope it helps.
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P226 for all the reasons listed above. I add the following:

I sincerely want to like the P320, but I am yet to find a useful purpose for one.
Every time I put one in my hand I immediately set it right back down. It just does not fit my hand, thus my grip is unsure. Further, striker fired pistols (especially ones without a grip safety) are simply not my thing for both safety and trigger quality reasons.

I get the opposite response from a P226, P229, and most notably a P220. It just fits, so I never want to set it down. I also have a strong preference for DA/SA pistols.

One can put together a chart of pro's and con's for each platform and decide for themselves.
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Another vote for the 226.
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