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Hey all, quick question. I know sometimes with little or no warning, Sig will tweak or change a product, sometime with multiple chunks of minor changes, and the faithful that buy it will refer, sometimes rather euphemistically, to those chunks of change as 'Generations'. Yeah, I'm using that term a bit loosely here.

My question is, since the intro of the little mighty mouse P365, has Sig really changed anything, aside from installing X-Ray sights and putting better springs in it? Curious if the notion of 'The later the birth date, the better' really has any credence to it or not.

If so, please edu-macate me. I'm looking at one for a Christmas present (to myself, of course), and would like to ensure I don't end up with a 1st Gen-ish problem child.


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There are no generations of the P365.
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Around March there was a problem with strickers breaking, Sig claimed it was a bad batch from the place in India they got them from but sometime after Sig changed the striker shape making it stronger. Not sure what the date for the new striker would be. Sig halted production on the gun because of early problems, informally once production restarted is called gen 2 by some. Guns with the Xray sights would be made after the halt (one of the early problems was the front sight falling off). I would think Sig could give you the date for the striker change.
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Pretty sure there's no official 'generation' demarcation for the 365. Instead the internet has to assume culpability for that. 'Work-in-progress' and 'end-user beta testing' is the more apt description.
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The 365 has undergone numerous changes since it's release.

trigger return spring, sear, sticker return spring, rear pin, sticker design, striker heat treating, barrel hood geometry, the grip frame itself is different even...those are a couple of them I know of. That was from the summer. I haven't followed what they changed since June or so.

What annoys me about sig is they don't own up to this and make it know so people who are betting their life on their product can get the proper fixes done. Noncritical changes aren't what I'm taking about. I'm taking about the changes that were made because the original parts led to failures.

Sig does it under cover of night and tells you there is nothing wrong with the original. Sig sucks IMO as a result.

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Running changes is the norm for all firearms and anything mechanical for that matter.

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With your title, I thought you were asking about generations of Porshe. I was going to say that after the 356 came the 356A, B, C and then the 911, etc. Smile

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