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Just a quick comment on my experience with SIG Customer Support.

I purchase a new pistol and had an issue with the recoil spring binding on my first range trip. I called the support number and was actually shocked when someone answered on the first ring - I mean really....when does this ever happen? Not an offshore call center with the associated communication barrier, but someone local who was on his game. Case was opened quickly, details collected and information exchanged. I emailed photos of the issue and the next morning was notified a replacement part was being shipped out. I’ve never had to deal with any firearm manufacturer before but can only hope they’re all this responsive and pleasant.

That is all.
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Welcome to the best firearm forum on the internet, and glad to hear you had a great experience with Sig CS. And welcome to the Sig addiction! Big Grin

Regards From Sunny Tucson,

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I have had similar experiences. Too bad you have to use their customer service, but at least when you do, it's good.
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Their custom shop customer service is really good too.
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They do have great customer service, but on two occasions their shipping department managed to send items to the wrong address. Instead of using the shipping address I provided they pulled an old address off of an order from 10 years ago. One of those occasions was the 320 "voluntary upgrade." Fortunately I knew the guy living there at the time so it worked out.
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