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Can someone please clarify the difference between the 228 and the 229 ??

I've been told that the 229 is basically a stronger frame to handle the larger .40 caliber rounds. Is this true ?? Is there more ??

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229 slide is milled stainless and the 228 slide is forged carbon steel. And yes, I believe that was done to handle .357 SIG and .40 SW loads without having to go to a stiffer spring. Frames are basically the same, I believe, except for the mag wells on the older 229's.

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The P228 used (as already posted) folded carbon steel. It also has a breech block pinned in. The breech block includes and internal extractor. The P228 has full height slide serrations. It was only chambered in 9mm.

The P229 is milled from stainless, with an external extractor and offered in .40/.357 and 9mm. The Classic P229 has half/height serrations, but it seems they've moved to full height with all models after releasing the M11-A1. The P229 will be a touch heavier, more resistant to oxidation, and slightly less felt recoil.

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Close. The major difference is in the slide. The P228 slide was made from bent (folded) carbon steel with a pinned-in breech block. As stated, the P229 slide is one piece milled from stainless steel. The frames are basically the same except that the magazine well was enlarged for the 357/40s. Initially, the P229 9mm mag well was the same as the P228, but SIG decided to standardize on the larger mag well and introduced the P229-1 9mm magazine which is slightly fatter. The P229-1 magazine will not fit in a P228.
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