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project postponed

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I just got done with changing out the following on my P30 V3:

Firing pin block spring with the light one.
Sear spring with the nickel one.
The trigger return spring with the light one.

Changing these springs improved the double action pull to where most of the staging feel went away. I used a trigger pull gauge before and after and it lowered the pull weight about a pound and a half. The single action pull is less spongy and more predictable at let off. The trigger release weight didn't really change it's about 5 lbs. If you're paying attention to the pull weights I've mentioned they're not the whole story. The feel of both the single and double action pulls are smoother. For what it cost me in parts (minimal) it was a worthwhile project one that allowed me to improve the trigger as well as better understand the mechanics of the firearm.
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There’s a flattened needle nose plier tool that is helpful with the TRS. It’s not necessary, but helpful. I haven’t worked on my HKs in years and don’t plan to in the future. Let me know if you want me to send you the tool. My email is in my profile.

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