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Does anyone have a list of the 1911's these guys made? my father-in-law has one in a commander size and i want to get him some custom grips for xmas... ive only seen it once and i dont remember the model... dont want to ask him for fear of giving the surprise away...if some has the model names im sure it would remember...thanks in advance
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If the gun is a commander sized grip that's all you need to know. Unless there is something different about a Schroeder Bauman pistol 1911 grips are 1911 grips.

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And here is a site that I ran across this AM that has some really nice 1911 grips...

Disclaimer: I have no connection to or interest in this manufacturer. I have no first-hand knowledge of this product, but the pictures sure are pretty.


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Check out Ryan Payne aka Sarge at

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Have had a few of her grips, really nice.
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I can vouch for Woodcaliber and offer a +1 on Esmeralda - excellent 1911 grips from both makers.

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I really like the G10 grips on my 1911 pistols. Reasonably priced and quick turn around...


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