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Originally posted by ensigmatic:
Originally posted by HRK:
If you like 1911's, the Ruger is a proven platform in 45, I'd imagine it'd do just as well with the 10mm. The ones I see are always well made, ...

They generally are well-reviewed. My 1911 aficionado friend likes them. (Has two.) I looked at the SR1911 in 9mm when they first came out and it didn't impress. Maybe that's why I've been unable to get truly excited about the 10mm? Dunno.

Originally posted by HRK:
... or find a way to trust a seller to ship it to you to get what you really want a Sig 220.

It's not distrust of sellers so much as I don't want to order something I've never seen & touched. I did order my Ruger Blackhawk that way, but then I knew precisely what I'd be getting, as I'd seen and handled plenty of them over the years. Same with my G34.

OTOH: I imagine the Elite 10mm I like feels and behaves like pretty much any other P220, and I have handled, even shot, those. So not such a big gamble.

Originally posted by HRK:
Good luck.


Originally posted by sprg03-A3:
Do you have a Sportsmans Warehouse near you? The one that came in to replace the Field & Stream carries the SIG 1911 Emperor Scorpion 10mm TV or $1049.

I don't know as I'd call it "nearby," but certainly w/in reasonable driving range for the right gun. Thing is: I have fondled a couple of Sig 1911s and didn't care for them. Plus there's no holster compatibility advantage, as their geometry differs from a 1911 government. Not particularly enamored of the idea of an FDE 1911, anyway.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

I see you live in S.E. Michigan, as do I. Have you checked to see if Williams Gun Sight in Davison has the P220 you want? They have quite a selection and are a SIG Elite dealer. That’s where I bought my P220 Elite SAO in 10mm. Actually their selection is huge there and they may have several different pistols in 10mm that may fit your needs. I have bought several pistols there and they are staffed with good people.
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I picked up a Colt Delta and then the Ruger 10mm.
I would buy the Ruger just by its weight with the bull barrel.

My 10mm's are Tanfo Stock III blue and G20.
I wouldn't mind adding the Ruger to the stable.
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Nullus Anxietas
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I went. I saw. I fondled. In the end this Kimber Custom II GFO 10mm just felt like "the one." So now it's mine Smile

I'd like to thank y'all, again, for your comments and suggestions!

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