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My first .40 was a Browning Arms Company Mark III made in 1994. Except for having better sights put on it and doing basic cleaning I've hardly touched it through several thousand rounds.

It did have a minor problem for the first few hundred rounds with the trigger kicking back slightly. Eventually whatever was causing that wore in and it's fine now.

It's accurate, reliable and packs a good punch.
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I'm indeed fortunate to own a .40 Hi-Power that had a full custom job completed by Don Williams of Action Works, including a .357 Sig barrel.

I usually shoot the pistol with the .357 Sig barrel, and it's a delight - lots of power and boom, and laser-like accuracy.
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I have a small clutch of Browning/FN HPs. I bought by first BHP in 1961, anticipating going on the US Gubbimint all expense vacation tour of SE Asia, I was a Regular Army type guy. At Abecrombie & Fitch in Chicago I bought a Colt Python for $94.50, a BHP for $87.50 and a Randall #14 knife for $103.70. I was a teenager with a regular army ID and walked out with all of them and a good deal of ammo, try that today in Chicago and you would get the SWAT team called out!
I still have them all, and I am told the knife is worth more than either handgun. I became a confirmed BHP guy. Have a .40 w/.357 Sig barrel, and a SFS .40 set up the same way, also a SFS 9mm, and several FN variations, DAO, the BDM, and a couple of other FN only variations. They are all top notch shooters (all with the disconnector removed),all now have Novak sights and thin grips of one sort or another. When I left the Army (but stayed in the reserve components forever), became a cop in Chicago and packed the one BHP for 30 years or so. When I was in uniform or otherwise feared a gun grab, I would put the BHP on half cock, put the safety on, and rely on my BUG (S&W 940)in a leather lined left pocket. In my last few years when semi-autos became standard I packed a Browning BDM-a really excellent weapon. But still packed the 940 BUG. I will defend the stopping power of a properly loaded 9mm cartridge against just about anything.
I still pack a BHP when I carry-which is always.
Never had any problems with the 3 40s which all also have a fitted .357 barrel. I just consider the .357 Sig as sort of a 9mm Magnum.

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