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fugitive from reality
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When it 'really' counts? Fire team at the minimum. Cool

'I'm pretty fly for a white guy'.

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If I am seriously expecting the likelihood of trouble, I am going to shrug-on my First Spear Strandhogg external vest, with its MBAV-cut IIIA front and rear soft armor panels, IIIA armor in the cummerbund, and a low-profile Velocity System ULV rifle plate in the front, at least, and likely a ULV plate in the back, too, depending upon the expected environment and threat. I will also be bringing my Benelli M2, of course, with slugs and buck, but the questions being about handguns and holsters, my thoughts are:

It will take a rather large, full-cut cover garment to keep it from being obvious that I am armored-up, and the full-wrap armor interferes with the draw from most IWB holsters, so this means outside-the-belt holsters. If this perilous journey is at night, I may well want to use my lefty Raven Concealment Systems Phantom, which accomodates a G19 with a Surefire light on the rail. Perhaps a mounted light is not so important, but I want a noiseless draw, in which case a lefty Kramer Vertical Scabbard, of horsehide construction, would be a better choice.

Of course, anticipation of trouble means more than one gun, so, what to choose? My new favorite for Kydex rigs is JM Custom Kydex, and I have a right-hand JM Custom OWB holster to accomodate a second G19. (I have three Gen4 G19 pistols.) If longer-range shooting is anticipated, however, I shoot a full-sized 1911 better than a Glock; quite noticeable past seven yards. My right-handed Josh Bulman Forward Drop Scabbard is a favorite leather holster. (Yes, I am lefty with Glocks, and more of a righty with some other handguns.)

OK, now, let's factor-out the full-wrap armor, which lets IWB holsters into the discussion. My new favorite standard IWB is my lefty JM Custom Kydex IWB #3, for the G19. My second G19 could be carried at right appendix, in a JM Custom Kydex "George" holster. I also have a right-handed "George" for the SP101. Due to a bad right shoulder, I do not favor IWB holsters for my longer handguns, so a 1911 would be carried in the same outside-the-belt holster mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

For really long range, if that is anticipated, I am going to want a .357 Magnum revolver. My S&W Model 19 would be a leading candidate, for which I have a currently-produced holster, the Milt Sparks PMK, an outside-the-belt leather holster. I love my GP100, but as an important question for this thread is about holster selection, I think my favored GP100 concealment holster is no longer being made. I might, of course, bring the big GP100 along, in a bag. Smile

A factor favoring the revolver being teamed with one auto-pistol system, is that spare magazine placement and manipulation is de-conflicted.

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Originally posted by bcjwriter:
My question isn't what's your EDC...but what do put in your CCW holster when you really have no choice but to go where trouble is, and you really might need to defend yourself.

Since I'm now retired I do have a choice about going where trouble is and that choice is, I don't go to places where trouble is. That said, my EDC and practical choice for all occasions is my SIG P938.

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G23 in a leather pancake holster with extra mag.
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Originally posted by SgtGold:
When it 'really' counts? Fire team at the minimum. Cool

My kinda guy. Perhaps two or three so you can engage with flanking maneuvers, if required.

Wouldn't mind a forward air controller and a few A10 Warthogs...just in case. I'm a wuss.

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If I know before leaving the house - piston driven AR that has proven itself to me. H&K P3O in whatever holster I picked that day. Both weapons loaded, two spare mags for each.

Most importantly, a cell phone, two flashlights and a Benchmade.

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Go ahead punk, make my day
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After last nights GOT, I never leave without my Dragon.
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Sig 228 with 3 mags of Speer Gold Dot 124 +P riding in a Milt Sparks VM2. Remington 1100 with 20" smooth bore slug barrel with rifle sights. A full box of 00 buckshot.
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On the DL
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Originally posted by egregore:
Can you give an example of a "no choice" scenario for a non-LEO or military person? I can't think of one offhand.
That's a good question.

The closest I have come to that situation has occurred a few times. I run a (very) small mom-and-pop type business, supplying some rental equipment to stores, mostly stores like Ace or True Value hardware.

There have been occasions, more than once, when the equipment was not returned to the rental location. The stuff isn't cheap, so it needs to be recovered.

Usually I do a drive-by and look at the house and neighborhood, I always have a SIG with me, always, when I leave my house, but if the I get any bad vibes from the renter's location, I get good protection: I check in with the local police department, explain the situation, and ask for a police escort at the renter's location.

I have never been turned down on this request, and frequently as soon as I tell the police the name / address of the renter, they inform me that they are familiar with that person; they have done "business" with him or her in the past.

So the answer to OP's question is, I always carry a SIG, but if I get the feeling that I really might need it, I also "carry" a cop.

A mind is a terrible thing.
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My usual edc, Glock 19 Gen 4 with Vickers Sights in a JM Custom Kydex #3.

I guess if it's really bad my BCM middle with surefire X300 and TA31F ACOG and battle belt with Glock ammo etc.

Also lucky enough to live around some friends from my time in the military so it would sort of be like old times.

United States Air Force Security Forces Operation Enduring Freedom veteran.

Proud resident of Glockburg.
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10mm is The
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In terms of CC, no change from my EDC. P226 SSE 357.

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If I thought that by going out the door it would wind up putting me in a situation where it really counted, I think I'd just stay in the house! But, I'd stay there with an 870 pump and a Government Model to keep me company.
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Pants. Definitely pants, because facing danger without pants is just... dangerous.
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