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I'm toying with finally picking up a 1911. When I chose my first pistol, the P220 won out vs. the 1911. I'm looking for a full size .45 cal. What are your recommendations in this price range?

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I'm a fan of the Ruger SR1911.

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Colt 5 inch government 1991-a1 series.
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Used Dan Wesson


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CZ 1911A1. Except they only made 1000 of them. It's really a Dan Wesson in GI form. Superior to everything else I've seen below $1000.

Dan Wesson is in the sweet spot between production guns and the semi custom houses like Nighthawk, Wilson, Baer, and Brown. But they are over $1K, while the semi customs are over $2K

Springfield Mil Spec with NM serial number and stainless barrel and bushing is a really good base gun. The Range Officers get good reviews too.

Smith & Wesson makes good 1911's too, but I don't seem to see them very often anymore.

I will not buy a Series 80, so that rules out all non Series 70 Colts, Sig, Remington, and a few others. I think Ruger is Series 70 which was smart of them. Only issue with Ruger is they seem kind of loose.

If I was buying today, it would probably be a Series 70 Colt with a budget for upgrades and tuning.
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I'm probably going to get flamed for this. One of my daughters-in-law bought a Taurus 1911. She was new to guns and was caught up in the moment. Her regret came later when she realized how heavy an all metal gun can get after a couple of hours in the holster.....especially for her slight frame. She tried to sell it but couldn't get any takers. She lowered the price but still no interest. I took mercy on her and bought it for what she paid for it; which was way too much.

Anyway, I say all of that to say this: I am actually pleasantly surprised at this gun. It is nearly the same fit as my Springfields and Colt. It shoots just as accurately albeit with a little trigger creep. I could fix it if I were interested enough. Anyway, you could probably find a lightly used Taurus for 500.00 or less and have 95% of the 1911 experience that many higher priced 1911 would deliver. Just a thought. Flame away.

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As an R/O, I see a lot of 1911's, and I see a lot of people opting for the Springfield Range Officer series. I'm certain they're not $700.00 anymore, but I really don't know what they're selling for these days.I don't own any Springfield guns, so I don't have a horse in this race.

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Originally posted by ruger357:
Used Dan Wesson

That would be my choice.

In addition, some Dan Wesson models are only just over $1k, and are well worth saving up the additional hundred or so.

For example, you can get a new Vigil or A2 for ~$1150.
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Originally posted by ruger357:
Used Dan Wesson

I second this. Also, some new Dan Wesson's can be found that are not too far above $1000 (1100-1200ish) such as their Vigil series or parkerized versions.

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ETA: 1911 Classic if purchasing new or an used 1991 model
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Originally posted by darthfuster:
I'm probably going to get flamed for this...

Flames? No. Smart money. Being a 1911, it begs for a bunch of extra magazines and changing the grips to suit the users fancy. Add in the holster and mag holders plus enough ammo to familiarize oneself to a new platform and it should be able to come just under the desired price point.

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I think my second Valor 9mm was 1100. I thought I stole it until I picked it up from dealer and realized it was the blued model. Now it’s my favorite.

Dan Wesson.
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At that price, you have a wide range of choices. I have a Ruger and am pleased with it. You can also get a SA Ronin or Range Officer. You can also get the original Colt.

Look at what fits you best and suits your needs. You might also have to take into consideration what is available in these times.

The less you spend on the gun, the more you have for ammo.
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Slightly used Dan Wesson. That's how my Guardian came to me.
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Picked up my most recent Dan Wesson for 1200.

Think that's the most I've ever paid for the 4-5 I've owned.

They are top notch in my opinion for the money.

Ed Browns and Wilson's I've owned were better of course but not 2-3x better as the money would suggest.

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No flames here. Under $1000, I’d take a look at Taurus and Ruger.

Taurus has nice features for the money and a lifetime warranty. I own 3 Taurus 1911s, 2 of which are in 9mm. Only problem I have encountered was a front sight that needed to be replaced, which Taurus took care of promptly and at their expense.

Ruger has some nice features and while I don’t own one of their 1911s yet, I don’t remember ever reading a bad review about them.
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$1000 buys you a lot of 1911.

I've got a Springfield TRP that I picked up for right at that. Outstanding pistol in every way.

I recently bought a Springfield Ronin for about $700 that is the most accurate out of the box pistol I've ever owned.

Don't like Springfield? Fair nuff. Ruger puts out a very solid 1911 for well under a grand. Colt's base models are solid no frills guns if you like the old school style. If you go used, you should be able to find Dan Wesson's, mid level Colts, Smith, and a variety of other makers pistols in that price range without much trouble.

Avoid the entry level "cheap" guns. If you are willing to spend up to a grand, go ahead and buy quality. It's not worth it TO ME to save a couple hundred bucks over a $700 Ruger to buy a questionable quality pistol that will very likely need a couple hundred bucks worth of effort to get where I want it.

That Ronin is VERY nice. If it had front strap checkering, it would be perfect.
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I’ve been impressed with the Sig 1911 models. Have not had any issues, and very accurate.
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At the $1000 mark, you have PLENTY of choices that include more features than just a "GI-style" 1911.

Ones that get good reviews (and in currrent production) are Rugers, SA "Range Officer", basic-level Colts and S&W, and dont' forget the RIA pistols.

Some of those I listed can be had with nice features like Novak or LPA sights, adjustable triggers, ambi safeties, and the like for under $850.

I know some here are recommending the Taurus, and I cannot agree or disagree with that, but I will say this: the only Taurus 1911 I worked on did not impress me with it's fit and finish internally compared to the other brands I mentioned.
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