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Please don't tell me to use wall anchors. I'm looking for honest-to-goodness snap caps for 22 magnum. Spent brass works but only for a short time. Looking for a better solution for a 22 magnum revolver.


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Para, I think they have some up at Bullseye. I got some a while back. I think they were dark purple.

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Yes, I have the blue a-zoom snap caps. They are metal, not plastic. I found them on amazon in packs of 6.

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Those are not snap caps. They are action proving dummy rounds. You can use them as snap caps a few times but the soft metal deforms with use unlike an actual snap cap that has a soft area to absorb the blow from the firing pin and then return to original form. I’ve tried to use action proving rounds as snap caps and found them virtually worthless.

I’ve searched for true rimfire snap caps in the past and this site kept coming up.

At one point I think he made .22mag snap caps but now he only shows .22lr. I also have never used them so I can’t vouch for the quality but perhaps it’s a starting point.

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From what I see on the webs, these can be safely used as the cartridge diameter is the same...not sure why they are not made in .22 mag, but any port in a storm.

***ETA- after a little more reading, these are not true spring loaded snap caps (even if the page says they are). They will deform over time and need to be replaced.***

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With the Carlsons they will deform just as easily as spent cases if not more so, requiring spinning the snap cap to best protect the tip of the firing pin. Even then the SC will only be usable for so long before you would run out of "undented" rim to impact. May as well continue to use spent brass at that point; it would be cheaper.

With rimfire there's only so much that can be done, unless someone can come up with either a rebounding or self-healing rim system in such a small travel distance across the thickness of itself. As such anything else that's used is going to be sacrificial in a relatively quick way. That's why wall anchors are so popular with the 22LR crowd. They can actually absorb a few more hits in the same spot before requiring the impromptu "case" be rotated to a fresh impact spot. Pachmayr is about the only brand that offers a true gun-oriented product that performs similarly, but they only make their orange-colored snap caps in 22LR size and not for 22 WMR or 17 HMR.
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I thought people used fired cases (or the unmentionable anchors), because there were no truly reusable snap caps.

In other words, the snap caps you can buy are, essentially, like fired cases and not like spring loaded center fire snap caps.

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