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My answer hasn’t changed a bit in the last 14 threads on this. Yes, I would, and yes I have.

I find the notion you have to shoot xxx rounds of duty and xxx rounds of ball for the gun to be “reliable”. Y

"It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it works out for them"

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For real?
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Never again.

When we got issued gen3 31s I just racked the slide a few times, moved my TLR-1 over, loaded up and stuck it in my holster.

Sometime later I finally got to shoot it on the range. After the third shot, no extraction. Can’t rack the slide to clear it. Four of us tried. I ended up smacking the front end on the range floor to clear it. Couldn’t see anything wrong. Took it apart and cleaned it and it worked fine from then on.

So when we switched to gen4 31s you bet I cleaned it and test fired it before putting it on duty.

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Another vote for Glock or HK.

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― Benjamin Franklin
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Sig p226 in 9mm...

but if someone asked me what THEY should do with that same question it would mean they do not own a current carry weapon (handgun) and my advice would be don't.... there is a whole lot more to carrying than 'proving' the gun... the person needs to be proven first...
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I don't know man I
just got here myself
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If I had to in a make believe world, P226 9mm or CZ75B.


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A person could get away with this if they did some very detailed research.

It takes 5 to 10 years to work the bugs out of a product. It takes another 5 years to verify design changes. Choosing something within these limitations would tip the odds in a person's favor.

Of course, choose something with a good rep in the first place.

I buy my firearms based on this criteria and have had no disappointments (during live fire).

I don't recommend doing this. You never know if you got a lemon or not.

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smith ,colt or ruger revolver
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My last two new handgun purchases were an H&K P30 and a Wilson-tuned Beretta 92. One of them went back to Wilson and came back still not working, the other has been a rockstar for thousands of rounds. The Beretta finally got squared away, and is a great gun, but if I was going in-tested it would be bone stock from a major manufacturer.

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Just because you can,
doesn't mean you should
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I can't imagine many (any) or our regulars here would do this but I'd bet money a large percentage of recent first time gun panic buyers have never shot their new guns. Most have probably not even loaded them.
The gun safety "experts" in the MSM say you need to keep the gun locked up and ammo stored separately until needed.
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CCW without test fire

Not outside of some wildly improbable survival scenario. I have had a couple of guns that fired exactly one shot (the one in the chamber) before choking. And one of those was a SIG.
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Big Stack
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If the issue is ammo cost, I find that a bit specious. If you're going to buy a quality gun for a few to several hundred bucks, you can afford to scrounge (by any means necessary) a box of ball and box of your designated carry ammo to run through it for a minimal function check.

This, or course is minimal. Normally I'd want 500 rounds of a mix of range ball and carry ammo to vet a new gun. But if this isn't possible, I'd want at least what I listed above.
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This exact scenario is fairly common in the military. Having to do a site visit for ops planning to a threat region where packing is a requirement, but you are not staying long term, getting issued a pistol you have never fired and a single mag of ammo is common. There is also a story about an Air Force security police officer who’s pistol was in for repair and was issued a different pistol he never shot prior and prevailed in a fairly long distance fight with a rifle armed assailant ( if I recall correctly engaged shooter from about 70 yards with an M9)
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Just browsing through three pages of responses and am quite surprised to see such a high percentage of people who have had initial issues with mainstream firearms.

I have had the fortune and folly to have owned and sold upwards of a couple of hundred (?) of firearms over the last 32 years of firearms ownership. In that time the only one I ever had a problem with was a lightweight Colt Commander that some knucklehead thought would be a good candidate to have the feed ramp polished with a dremel. Need less to say aluminum feed ramps and dremels are not the best of friends. And yes, while that was many, many moons ago, the knucklehead was me Big Grin

While this is all hypothetical, and it has never been my practice to EDC without a few hundred rounds to shake something out, I'd have no problem grabbing a Beretta 92 or an HK anything and heading out into the field.

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I can not imagine carrying a gun without checking it out first. Any manufactured item can have a problem. That said it was not the premise of the thread so my choice like one poster said would be a H&K or Glock.

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Originally posted by mrw:
If I had to in a make believe world, P226 9mm or CZ75B.

^^ This
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If I couldn't test fire it, my choice would be a revolver with factory ammo. You can test the action without ammo loaded and be darn near 100% sure the thing will work.
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I reccomend you don't test fire with the same level of confidence you should have if you pack your own chute for your first skydiving lesson Wink

"No matter where you go - there you are"
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