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I recently picked up a new SIG p225 A1 with the G10 grips. I have only shot 200 rounds through it so far. Man this little gun is amazing very accurate. Definitely going to be carrying this baby for sure. Need to get a good IWB holster for this rig.
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I have also just picked up a new P225 A1
I hope to put a few rounds thru it this weekend.
I have had very good results with stealthgear iwb holsters.
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Congrats! Love mine, best feeling gun in my hands that I own.
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Grabbed one too a while back.
Very nice gun, shoots great.
It's been my house gun since shortly after I got it.
Would like to spiff it up a bit with some wood grips eventually.
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Pawn shop in my area has one NIB, although it's not cheap. I have a German P225 already, but I sure like the feel of the A1.
I can't justify it but I sure would like to have it! I envy you that have one.


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I really like mine. I wish SIG would modify the magazine base though. It could be a 9-round magazine and there's nothing to get ahold of if you have to rip out the magazine for a malfunction clearance.

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Well, we "gave them democracy"... not unlike giving a monkey a loaded gun.

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My Favorite Sig. Feels perfect in my hands and my most accurate pistol too. I have a number of Sigs would say the P225-A1 and the P230 are the best two. Would love to see the P225-A1 in stainless
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