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Anyone still carrying and shooting the P30 in any variation?


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Carry a P30sk most of the time, sometimes a P30S in 9mm if carrying OWB during the winter. P30 in .357 Sig with a TLR-1 is on HD duty. The grip and finger grooves on the P30 just fit me.

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Yep, P30L V1 (light LEM) in .40, particularly as a duty pistol. I've also been concentrating on it in IDPA; my VP40 is doubtlessly faster/more purely shootable, but for the tie being, I'm gaming with what I carry.

Best, Jon
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Yes, P30L 9mm with Trijicon HD Orange Night Sights. Still a main EDC along with M11-A1, CZ 83.

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Nope. In fact, I sold mine. I carry my Ruger LCRx, LC9s Pro, or my G 26. Unless I'm expecting trouble, and I trade my G26 for a G19.

I am looking a picking up a Colt Commander in a few weeks that has been tricked out. Be on the look out for a new thread when I pick it up.

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Add me to the list. The P30 is my go to for ccw in the winter when I wear bulky winter clothing. The p30 and glock 19 are my two favorite pistols ever.
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I do. Whenever an RMR equipped gun isn't practical. I'm convinced it is perhaps the most reliable gun we can get.

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P30SK V1 here. Have S&W Shield 9mm that is thinner but when clothing permits prefer my HK.

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Sold my P30 Light LEM / GGI RRCDP this past fall.

It was the house gun, but after going G19 for most everything, it meant no sense to keep since I hadn't shot it in quite while.

Still have a P2000SK and HK45C, however.
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The P30L is on my short list. I miss my last one, but it had a safety and I didnt like it. So if i find one without a safety, I'll probably pick her up.

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Yes I CCW my P30SK on occasion.

BTW looks like HK just did some big price cuts on the P30 and HK45 series. New P30 9MM are now under $600 and HK45/45C under $700. I wonder if this has anything to do with ramping up of their new factory in Georgia.

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I have carried a P30 lem 9mm for several years. I carry it year round owb. It fits my hand perfectly. And I shoot it reasonably well. But. It’s the biggest freakin dust/lint magnet I have ever owned. I have to clean/delint the dam thing every other week. But. It’s ergonomics and it’s such a soft shooting gun make me forgive it for being a lint magnet. I like the P30 so much. I am going to buy another one because I just saw on another post that they are being sold for $561.00.
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P30 V3 9mm is one of four in my carry rotation.

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Have gone all to HK for my needs, all V3/V1 DA/SA. I carry a P2000 90% of the time with the P30 as more of a house gun but do carry it from time to time. It carries fine but the stippling is a bit abrasive on my side hence I prefer the P2000.

My P30 has been awesome. Great shooter, reliable, feels great and actually has a decent trigger, barring the long reset.

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Yes sir! I edc a P30sk LEM daily with a VP9 and USP45 as our house guns and part time suppressor hosts. Love the P30 series as a lefty and that grip is the bees knees!
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P30L V3 9mm. Other than a Glock 40 MOS when I am out in the woods, all I carry now are HK pistols.
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Yes. P30 in .40, DA/SA.


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Sold P30, using a G19-5.


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I stupidly sold my P30 LEM back in 0’15. Now just reordered a P30 V1 Light lem.

As for EDC, I’ve been EDCing my P2000sk in .40 / 357 for a few years.
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