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Originally posted by jhe888:

That is a beauty. In my mind, the only thing it NEEDS is a new grip safety. The old style Colt safety never fails to rub the skin off the web of my hand.

I'd go full sized. I have always wanted a .38 Super, and my grail would be a well-cared for pre-war commercial Colt from when they polished them so beautifully.

That's exactly what I was thinking. Having an Ed Brown grip safety installed, along with an extended thumb safety, and a new dovetailed front sight along with a BoMar style rear sight. Having the ejection port lowered and flared. Then...

See? It never stops.

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Another to think about is the .38 Super Comp. Sometimes .38 Super works on a 9mm breech face, sometimes it just doesn't quite. They are different because the .38 Super has the .38 ACP's semi-rim. The .38 Super Comp is a .38 Super with no rim, identical to a 9mm. It also solves some of the feed issues a double stack .38 Super can have with the semi-rims catching.
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Originally posted by maxdog:
...a two stacker in 38 super.

They can be had with some effort. I was able to put together both of these.

The 2011 was built from a box of parts. The Glock started out as a model 21.

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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Micropterus that is a beautiful pistol. I like the look of those markings compared to the huge letter billboard of some of the series 70’s.

I have a Les Baer Premier .45 that I prefer the grip of, they cut them a little bigger radius on the front strap. That’s why I’ve been considering a Baer. I originally tried a Dan Wesson Valkyrie in 9mm hoping to convert it for a light weight ccw piece. Breech face was too small, and I didn’t know about 38 supercomp at the time.

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Years ago, late 60s, I had a Star 9mm Parabellum. pistol similar to a 1911. The instruction literature specified 9mm Parabellum. Box label Identified it as 9mm parabellum. Stamped on the slide was “9mm/38”. I was at a range one day and a fellow had the exact same pistol and was shooting 38 Super in it. He insisted that it was designed for both calibers, hence the 9mm/38 stamp on the slide.

I have heard various opinions regarding the dual use of calibers of this model Star pistol. Some have said it was meant for an older 38 auto caliber, not 38 Super. I’ve never found a definitive answer. The pistol I observed functioned well with the 38 Super loads. Some internet discussions say that it is a 9mm Largo/ 38 ACP. Not Largo. Definitely labeled 9mm para in box tag and lit.

I never tried 38 super in my Star pistol. I was afraid that if the fellow was wrong about it being designed for both calibers and that I might have a barrel rupture or worse.

Anybody ever see this Star pistol model and know anything about the dual caliber capability?
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