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I think I’ve finally beat this puppy and myself to death and narrowed my choices down to 2 guns, I hope. The CZ shadow 2 optics ready or Sig Sauer P320 RXP X. 90% of the time I’ll be using it as a range gun, shooting paper and steel between 25-50 yards and 10% on my night stand. I’m 73 and fortunate that I can still accurately shoot iron sights, but understand that I’ll be needing to mount an optic sometime in the not to distant future. Accuracy and trigger are the top two needs. The Sig has the cost advantage, but if the CZ is worth the price difference, so be it. What say those who have traveled this road before me? Thanks, Tom
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There really isn't a bad choice between the two. Buy both seems to be the mantra on most gun forums. Cool

I have a non-optic Shawdow 2 and a Sig 320 Pro with the Romeo Pro optic. The Shadow 2 is a tack driver w/o the optic--it really is a sweet shooter. All metal frame makes it on the heavy side, but not that noticeable--recoil is not existent. The Shadow 2 can be difficult to rack the slide; low bore axis doesn't give you much to grab onto to chamber a round. I definitely use the front serrations on this pistol more than I do on others. Handle one and see how you do.

The 320 Pro shoots very well and the optic definitely helps for faster target acquisition and shooting. If I am thinking of the right Sig, (so many 320 variants), the frame is polymer and therefore lighter. With the right loads I still don't notice a lot of recoil.

So... which one? Buy both. lol Hope this helps.
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I’m going to go with the Shadow 2 on this one.

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For me personally, Shadow 2, I prefer a hammer.

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That's like "Corvette ZR1 or V6 Camaro"... There's some performance in both of them, but the Shadow is head and shoulders above the Sig. You're also not stuck with Sig's optic or an aftermarket adapter (neither are necessarily bad, but they're worth consideration.
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I have a CZ Shadow 2 and a full size P320 with a Wilson grip frame. Neither with optics. The P320 is really a nice gun, but the Shadow 2 is awesome. I’m going with the CZ every time for shooting at the range, if I had to pick one. No question.

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Have to go with the metal frame and hammer.
I do like both designs, though.
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I have owned several different iterations of the P320, including a FS RX, X-5, X Carry, X-VTAC, compact, X Compact and X-5 Legion. I bought my first CZ, a Shadow 2 earlier this year and I am SOLD! Very accurate with great ergos and very good sights. I was so impressed that I couldn’t resist an AccuShadow 2 that was in the case of my local gun store last month! The very good stock trigger can be greatly improved with about $30 in CZ Custom parts (lengthened firing pin and reduced power firing pin spring and a 12lb mainspring), and is very easy to do. Add an 11lb recoil spring to make racking the slide much easier and you have an outstanding range/home defense pistol. Only downside for HD would be no firing pin block if that is a concern. The P320 is a really good pistol, but the CZ is amazing.
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Unless you're into modifying guns, there's only three upsides to the RXP over the Shadow 2:

1) It comes with an optic pre-installed.
2) You can co-witness with iron sights.
3) It's cheaper.

In every other way, the Shadow 2 is the superior gun, especially as a fun gun.
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Shadow 2 gets my vote.
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I’m beginning to see a trend developing here. A shadow it will be. Thanks, Tom
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The main difference I would consider is operating the slide. I have the RXP wit a Romeo5 pro on it, very easy to operate and manipulate. The Shadow is a great gun, but I find the slide hard to manipulate with the reverse rails and narrowness. Play with both first.
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