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Originally posted by SummersAtTheLake:
Originally posted by cpeblue:
To the OP,since you already have a P320 M17 why don't you get a caliber X-change kit . They come with complete slide and a barrel , SC grip and one mag for $300.00 , get 3 more mags and it's $400 to your door. When you want a SC pull the trigger chassis from the M17 and drop into the SC .It beats the heck out of buying a another gun , no transfer fee or nics charge. I'm back to the shadows , good luck

Thought about going that route but even with FFL transfer I would be at $410.00 with 3 mags out the door for a red box.
Where can I find a 9mm sc exchange kit for $300.00?
Proven outfitters. The best prices I've found.
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I have a 320 sc and a sig 938. The 938 is close in size to a 365. The Sub compact is a lot larger. The 938 can be carried in your pocket. I don't think the sc could be done comfortably. I would not even try.
You can take the Fire control unit out of the 320 and put it in other size guns and some calibers. Not including the .45..
The 320 and 365 have similar firing system(striker)(938 is hammer fired sao)
I only stated this so that I didn"t seem to be making any other comparison except for size.
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Picked up my P320 sc this afternoon and if this isn't a brand new handgun it is awfully close to being one. The 3rd mag from CDNN is the Sig with pinky extension and it is just what I needed.
The P320 sc is almost identical in size to my P239 with the P320 with 13 rounds weighing in at 29.0 oz and P239 with 9 rounds at 32.1 oz.

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