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Originally posted by isthatasiginyourpocket:
They are fit a little tighter than a standard 320, mine did the same thing. Break it in and after a few 100 rounds it will be fine.

This. My X-Carry did this. Ran some rounds through it. Goes fulling into battery every time now even if slowly dropping slide.

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Weird. The 320 X-5 that just came in goes fully into battery, no signs of any 'pretensioning'. Really gritty, creepy 'pretravel' to its trigger, though. Funky 'thunk' to its reset, though; reminds me of the Springfield Saint, just not as loud.

Off-topic: it's my first time handling a X-5. Good weight and balance to the gun, but otherwise not really impressed. This one is a long way removed from build standards of the original P-series X-Fives and X-Sixes. And pedestrian Caniks, VP9/VP40s and PPQs have better triggers though with full disclosure, I wasn't all that impressed with the trigger quality on the PPQ Q5 Match and TP9SF Elite-S. This 'match/target grade' thingy with strikers...
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