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7.62mm Crusader
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I feel bad for the Jeep driver..never run over a mans gun.. Big Grin
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Originally posted by David Lee:
I feel bad for the Jeep driver..never run over a mans gun.. Big Grin

Yeah, he's a real... MFer! Big Grin
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The pull weight is notably lighter and the wall is therefore less distinct. The reset is unfortunately nearly imperceptible. That’s the part I struggled with as I tend to ride the reset and I really missed that snap reset I get with a Glock. That being said, the Steyr’s reset is very short and I really think over time I’ll get used to it. It’s a good thing, I didn’t take my whole stock of 9MM with me, or I’d have shot it all. I was having that much fun. Another thing about the Steyr trigger. The trigger safety is more of a plunger you press into the face of the trigger. I find it far more comfortable than Glocks scissor type safety because on the Steyr it presses flat into the trigger instead of slightly protruding like a Glock.

This is the issue I have with the Steyr, lack of perceived reset. I too ride the reset. It is very comfortable in the hand and low bore, but the trigger just doesn't do it for me. If there was aftermarket support for trigger upgrades, I would reconsider.
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I hate, and that isn’t too strong a word, for light triggers with no “wall”. I had a CZ Custom PCR that the trigger in SA was crazy light and just kind of pulled into an indistinct break. Hated it. Paid a ton of money for a trigger that I hated for more than a decade. Trashed all the parts and I swapped CGW stuff to fix it. Expensive fix, twice. Ugh.

If that’s the correct description of the trigger maybe I don’t want one after all. I don’t mind a slightly heavier but better breaking trigger. Light is over rated. Some guys at my club chase the light trigger. Granted it’s for competition but I think every comp gun should be able to do double duty. Light isn’t the end all be all for me.
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pays the best interest
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The Steyr models have a distinct trigger break. It’s the reset that isn’t terribly distinct, which steel96 mentioned. You can feel for it but it’s not nearly as perceptible as the PPQ, or Glock for that matter. The best reset I’ve felt is on the Mossberg MC2C when it comes to striker fired pistols but that’s a different story/thread.
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brought home one of these today. I really like it and it's my only current striker fired pistol
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