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Anybody have one, what do you think? I'm thinking about one in 9mm.
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I own & have owned a number of Sig 1911’s. The only issue I’ve had consistently is with grip bushings. On every Sig 1911 pistol I’ve swapped stocks, at least one bushing remains attached to the stock!
Fortunately, I maintain a supply of bushings on hand. My most recent Sig 1911 was a Tacops in 10mm. A sweet shooter indeed.

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My go to reliability test for a new 1911:
Will it function with the ancient (possibly Korean War) magazines I have?
I have 2 Sig 1911s. Both work great with the old mags.

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I have two Sig 1911's. A Max Michel and Stainless Super Target. I confess the Super Target is my favorite. Both have been flawless with all ammo including my handloaded JHP's. Both are very accurate.

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Have 2 sig 1911’s, commander size. Fastbacks. Love ‘em. Got the first one brand new, liked it so much, that when a used one showed up at the lgs, I snapped it up too.
Have never had an issue with feeding or any mags problems with the fastbacks. Extremely accurate, and never had any bushing problems either.
Now, I do know when Sig first came out with their 1911, the GSR, it did have some problems, had a bushing crack, and an extractor break. I know, bought one of the first ones. Both times, Sig came thru with a free replacement, and the replacements never had any more problems.
The latest Sigs, though, are built very well, and I have not had any type of problems.
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