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Originally posted by 12131:
Yes, great gun, no doubt. Real fun for target shooting, but at 6 inches all stainless steel, with 20 rounds in there, it's a heavy gun. And for me, it is not as well balanced as the X5, due to obvious reason. I've never found any 6-inch gun more balanced than its 5-inch brother.

Concealed carry? I just need to find an IWB holster that reaches close to my knee cap and I'm set. Big Grin

Nice shooting 12131, you know I have always wondered why SIG (DE) never put out a X5 in .45 cal? Which just happens to be America's favorite configuration in a 1911... but they did put out the X6 in .45. Maybe a snub to the 1911?
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Very, very nice pistol and shooting 12131! I really like those grips too. Look great on the stainless.


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Really nice gun I bet it does shoot goo with that length BBL.
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