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New here to Sigform and just finding my way back to my passion of shooting.

I own a P226 Stainless with a rail and I’m interested to know if any of you would be kind enough to share your thoughts on a good weapon light to be added to this firearm

I did multiple searches, but came up empty. May well have been my wording.

In any event, any knowledge and experience you’re willing to share would be appreciated.
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I have SureFire X-series lights on a couple of pistols including a P226ST.

The momentary push switches are easy enough to use with thumb or trigger finger, and so is rotating the constant-on switch with my support thumb. Turning the constant-on switch off, though, has always been a bit awkward for me during drills that require it off during reloads, etc. I sometimes wonder if there are lights that are better for switch manipulation, but I’ve never been motivated enough to try to determine that or to consider buying new lights.

For indoor use the old X200 I have on one pistol is plenty bright, and the X300 on another is even more so. The X300 served me well a couple of nights ago in a low light session to fully illuminate the target at 20 yards.

Welcome to the forum, BTW.

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Welcome to the forum.

Probably the most common and currently available WML's will be the Streamlight TLR-1 HL, and the Surefire X300 Ultra. I have both, and am more than happy with them, for use on both pistols and rifles.


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My P226R currently wears a Feyachi LF-38 Red Laser LED Flashlight combo that I purchased a while back from Amazon for less than $50.00 shipped. So far, it has been a very good purchase; time will tell if it holds up as well as much more expensive lights! YMMV

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