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I have my eye on two different Sig P226's

one has a Stainless Steel frame and sells for $750
the other has a Hard Anodized frame and is $600

is the stainless steel worth that $150?

I look forward to reading what you have to say -- thanks
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I had a stainless Elite, it was a nice gun but I like the alloy frame better for carrying and my friends that shoot my guns prefer the lighter frames.

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You can't go wrong, it's just personal preference. I had both, but the one I actually carried full time for several years was the alloy frame version. Big difference in weight.

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Yes, it all depends on what your purpose is for the gun.

Also, condition plays into value.
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FWIW, I'm happier with an alloy-framed 9mm and a steel-framed 357SIG. As always, YMMV. Having said that, if you like a steel-framed 9mm, get it - it should be a very soft shooter no matter what kind of ammo you load in it.
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If it's a Stainless Nitron frame, I say get that one...

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If you intend to use it for competition, a stainless 226 makes a pretty nice choice. I had a few people try to sway me to look for a 226 Stainless Elite when I was thinking about an X-5 Allround, including Bruce Gray. It's got the weight in the frame to absorb recoil, but not as much out front to make transitions a little easier. I opted for the X-5 at the time, mainly because I really wanted one.

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Easy, get both! Razz
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Carry - aluminum

Range - stainless

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My preference is the stainless for carry or for the range. The extra weight does not feel all that much to me, but then I'm used to carrying extra weight if you know what I mean. The Stainless Elite sure is pretty to look at as well as shoot. Always wanted one and finally got one last year. Very pleased with it.
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Stainless Elite is my favorite P-226, even over an X5. I may go shoot it tomorrow. Range gun, however. Alloy P-226 bedside gun with night sights and a rail light. SSE has an adjustable rear and fat front site for a range gun.

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I've always preferred the older model alloy frame P226 with the folded slide. But I don't burn through ammo by the case.

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