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No Compromise
I know there are many options out there. There is the AR platform, the Tavor X95/SARs, the plans for the AK based platform, and such.

I am wanting a semi-auto, .300 BLK, SBR or pistol, with a barrel length around 8-9 inches, for use with a SiCo Omega suppressor, using a RDS or 1X4 optic, with picatinny furniture. Must be short, handy, and otherworldly quiet. Conversion capability to 556 would be a plus.

If you could have the best of these all around features, where would you steer me? What have you tried, owned, or dreamed of owning?

Sorry for the vagueness, but no opinion will be refused!

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I vote for AR.
Heck, the setup you describe is available on the PSA website as a pistol with a brace for $499.
Try it out and see. I can't see losing money on it.


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