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I'm in the very early stages of research for my next firearm to compliment my P239. As the subject states I'm looking at the H&K P2000sk in .40 cal. As I've been reading about this firearm, I see that a .357 Sig barrel would be available to purchase in the future. I like the idea of having two calibers in one firearm. I have a concern about the sights. If I get the .40 then decide to pick up a .357 Sig barrel, will I need to change the front sight? Do you just compensate when changing barrels? I know with the Sig Sauer the front sight is either a #6, or #8 depending on barrel which then will shoot approximately 2" off at 25 yards.

As stated, this is in very early stages, because I haven't found a P2000sk to handle yet. I also tend to over think and miss out on good things because I can't make up my mind.
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Don’t know about the 357 sig barrel, but the p2000sk is at the very top of my list as a carry gun. Yes, there are smaller choices, but one doesn’t have that ‘undergunned’ feeling with one in 40.

I like mine so much I bought a matching 9mm, both with the LEM trigger.
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Should you really be concerned about 2" at 25 yards?
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I'm sorry, I thought I was in the pistol section when I posted. Would a moderator please transfer this to the pistol section? Thanks
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I have this very gun with both barrels. I swap them in and out with no difference in POI. A sight radius that short is for fairly close shooting. in that distance I've noted zero difference between the two cartridges. The barrels are drop in with no fitting required.

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I owned this pistol in 40 and with regularity, swapped the barrel with the 357Sig. Accuracy shift is non issue. I’d be more concerned about replacing the bilateral mag release with the larger variant.


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I have had the P2000SK LEM for some time; I used to carry it in an ankle holster (was actually married the last time around, wearing it in an ankle holster during the ceremony). Great pistol. It has yet to malfunction. I haven't shot it for some time, but I used to shoot it a lot. Mine is .40, and I'd like to find a .357 bbl for it.

I had a problem with all the magazine springs failing about the same time; all kept loaded, and one day at a range session, they all went slack with three our four rounds remaining, not feeding the rounds, and causing malfunctions.

I went to an NRA convention at the time and visited the HK booth. The representative all but called me an idiot for keeping rounds in the magazine. He said I'd ruined the springs by keeping them loaded. I should have unloaded then when not actually firing, he said. Springs are available elsewhere, and I wouldn't waste my time with HK customer service again.

Other than the mag springs the pistol has been great.
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I have owned my P2000SK for 11 years now and absolutely love it.

Mine is chambered in 357SIG.

I never bought a 40 S&W barrel because I am not a fan of that cartridge.

I can tell you this gun is WAY more accurate than a Sub Kompact has a right to be,

I picked up some of he X-grip magazine sleeves so my reloads can be in the longer USPc magazines and I wont have the gap in the grip frame.

I will add a photo of mine as soon as I figure where I have it stored Frown

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I have both P2000(2) and P2000sk(3) in .357SIG. Excellent carry guns IMO. I have no use for the .40.

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Excellent pistols. I cannot shoot the .40 model, but the 9x19 is great. As you have seen from the comments above, you will be happy with with it. Stay safe out there.
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I have the P2KSK in .40 & .357 and love how well it handles those rounds. Bought the V3 DA/SA but you can add a couple parts to clean up the action.

The trigger return spring is a pain. There is a set of pliers for that job.

Also swap out the paddle release with the USPC paddle. Might as well get a new roll pin and relear spring if you buy a used pistol.

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A very good friend of mine owns a P2000SK and loves it. It really does fire nice and is a good sized package for carry. The recoil is light and the cycle seems smooth. The trigger is good as well. If you like the gun and can afford it, I am sure it wont let you down.

Just my .02 $ buy any gun that makes you happy!

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