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Originally posted by elberettas:
Hello Everyone,

I've never needed a safe until recently. My pistols are some of my most prized possessions, and I just want to know the best way to keep them safely stored.

If it's something I shoot, I keep it lubed and check frequently.

If it's something I know I won't be shooting for a while, I clean,lube, and then vacuum seal it in a heavy gauge food seal bag.

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I am fortunate that my browning safe in my basement maintains a humidity of about 50% no matter what I do. I purchased a humidity gauge that I find useful:

I like the electric "recharge" desicants as they are easy to recharge. I have not found the canisters of desicant that one has to put in the oven to recharge to be very practical although I am sure that they work fine.

Final note, I used to store my only 3 pistols in a safe purchased at lowes. I got a mold/mildew problem and never used it again. I checked the humidity in that little safe with door open for a day and it was 60%. I closed the door for a night. The next morning the humidity in the safe was 80%. I guess this a long winded way of restating, consider getting a humidity gauge and then you can check to see what works.

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A lot depends on what part of the country you live in, where your safe is located and whether that area is climate controlled or not. Here in cornfields and cows country, summers are hot and humid.

My Liberty safe is located in the office/shop area of one of our farm buildings. Although the shop is insulated, it is not climate controlled. Fans and open windows provide cooling in the summer and an electric space heater, along with a kerosene stove, heats the place in winter.

My 64 gun safe has a PEET SafeKeeping Dryer (works like a GoldenRod but I like the PEET better), two rechargable desiccant dehumidifiers and a combination thermometer/hygrometer inside the safe. I also keep a thermometer/hygrometer on top of the safe for measuring the outside temperature and humidity. In late summer when temps and humidity are exceptionally high, I run a room dehumidifier as well.

I store all of my guns in silicone treated gun socks. This not only helps in preventing any moisture from accumulating on the guns but helps prevent dings and scratches when taking your guns in and out of the safe.

I have never had the first hint of rust on my guns or any sign of condensation or moisture in or on the safe (or anywhere in the shop, actually). Humidity inside the safe stays around 50-55% on average and has been as low as 40% for short periods.

What I do is probably overkill but it has worked for me for years and I would rather be safe (pardon the pun) than sorry.

Good luck and good shooting!

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I get my desiccant bags from work, they come in many clothing items from Harley Davidson.

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