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This May will be the two year mark since I bought mine.

Just under 2500 rounds fired through it with no serious issues. It's my daily carry/BUG.

I've been firmly sold on it since the beginning.

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Just went to the range today and came back with the best EDC gun I've ever owned! I'm not the greatest shooter in the world, yet I was hitting 2" groups at 8 yards almost without trying. I'm selling off my P938 - the P365 is a keeper!

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I currently have 2 standard P365's and 2 P365XL's and love them. Between all 4 of them I have around 7500rds through them, trouble free.

I used to say if I could only own 1 pistol it would be a G19. Today I would tell you it would be a P365.

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I bought the 365 and carried it for about a year and then My son wanted it to carry at college so I passed it down to him and bought a 365XL. My son carries the 365 with the 12 round extended mag in it and a spare 15 round in his pocket. Depending on what I am wearing I carry the XL with ether one 15 round in my pocket or 3 on my belt. I am working on a custom 3 round mag carrier for my hip pocket. My P229 is still my primary carry and I am not ready to change that. That said I am going see how it does when my Romeo Zero comes in and check run it a couple of times in carry optics and compare how I do in general against my P229. I do have to admit that it is nice to not have the weight on my belt.
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I bought mine (P365) just over a year ago...daily carried it since it passed the 200 round mark and now have 1305 trouble free rounds through it. Great gun...accurate, fits the hand well, and outstanding sights. The only change I'd make is to swap out the front sight to give me a higher POI by 2" @ 25 yds. Best CCW I've ever owned. Rod

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I have not taken the leap yet, however a 365 SAS no porting is very high on my list.

Any more specific feedback on the SAS version?

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Bought mine in July 2018. At first it would not return to battery at times when inserting a full magazine. A little nudge with my thumb and it was good to go. Now I've sent over a thousand rounds through it and haven't had a problem past the 500 mark. I added a Hogue rubber sleeve which makes it easier for me to grip. would like to see a SAS up close.
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I'm still amazed at the accuracy, capacity, and shootability of this little pistol. It is a natural pointer for me and double and triples as fast as I can pull the trigger are all in a 6" or less group at 5 yards.

Mine has been 500 round flawless; a buddy has experienced a few ftf's which I attributed to a less than aggressive grip. He stiffened it up and has been golden ever since. My poor G26 is starting to get the feeling that its being retired.

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Originally posted by Visco:
I added a Hogue rubber sleeve which makes it easier for me to grip.

I agree, that Hogue rubber sleeve works wonders on my 365 also. It does not impede pocket carry at all.

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I've carried it every day for over a year now.

I'd say probably 600-800 rounds through it.

I'm sold. I don't shoot it quite as good as my Glock 19, but the compromise is worth it.

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My verdict - guilty as charged - a micro-compact 9mm that set a new standard for magazine capacity.

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I have an earlier model which has about 2000 rounds through it. I've gone through three pistol courses with it. It kept up with all the other pistols in the classes, except for the gamers.

The only issues I ever had, my thumbs induced.

With an RMSc and grip sleeve, it's my EDC. A second one joined the family as a back up, and an XL/ RMSc/ Valkyrie mini/ 15rd mag/ grip sleeve comb is the nightstand pistol.

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Mine has over 1200 trouble free rounds and I carry more than I thought I would with the 12 round mag. I since traded my Kahr PM9 since I have no use for it. I can clip a light leather holster to sweat pants or shorts for a quick trip out. While it is in my carry rotation I still prefer a larger gun. (4 H&K's)

As an aside does anyone think Sig bought stock in Uplula before the release? I know I broke two cheap reloaders before having to buy an Uplula and I know I'm not alone.

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Without a doubt, my favorite pistol.

I started with an April 2018 365, shot it for 800 or so rounds (I think), including a great pistol training course, and have had zero issues. No qualified issues...I do mean, zero.

I did want a slightly longer barrel, still with the thin grip/concealability, the slightly longer grip module, and the ability to one day stick an optic on it is a bonus. So, I picked up a XL and I've put 481 rounds through it so far, with perfect function.
I'll hit the range later this week and have another pistol course on Saturday, where I'll shoot it, so I'll have nearly 1k through it by Sunday.

I just shoot it so much better than my glocks.

The 365XL is the perfect carry pistol, in my opinion, and one of the best pistol designs we've seen in recent history.
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I have a May 2018 365 and a May 2019 365 (manual safety version). Both are great. Fantastic firearms. For a small carry role, I don't see anything else that matches it. The Hellcat is the only viable competition.
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Our 65s are just plain good to go.
My wife likes her 239 better for edc but when warm weather hits, the365 will move on.


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Shot a Hellcat rental at the range today along with my P365. I was amazed at how accurate the Hellcat is, 9/10 in an 8" target at 45 feet. My 365 hasn't been the same since I put a few .380 rounds through it. I ordered a new barrel and hopefully it can be on par with the Hellcat.
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Originally posted by WJR:
I have not taken the leap yet, however a 365 SAS no porting is very high on my list.

Any more specific feedback on the SAS version?


Is there a No port option? I recently tried someones SAS to eval it. Its an interesting gun, I actually like the small controls as I usually creep so high up on the gun that I accidentally ride the slide stop. This one is small enough that I got consistent lock back. You will probably slingshot as its a very small ledge. (only makes sense I guess) The sight is interesting, I'd like to wring it out at distance. I found the porting was obnoxious in low light and threw me off the sight taking a second to reaquire. The sight does work in darkness. I told the owner to get alot of practice with it especially at distance. They were able to qual without issue but our qual isnt particularly impressive to put it nicely.

I did notice the owner was dramatically slower than another officer with a standard 365 with the normal sights on several strings in the dark and shooting while changing positions and moving. Like the standard sight officer was finished shooting when SAS officer was starting/aquiring on a body armor drill. Officer Standard sights is a better shot however so its not very scientific. I was able to consistently get a dot when coming up on target but my primary EDC has an RMR so my presentation is pretty good. I think this helps. If your presentation sucks you will likely be waving that thing around like harry potter trying to find the internal dot.

I think its alot like an RMR, your speed and precision will be very dependent on your draw stroke and presentation. I think the porting is a bad idea and unnecessary on this guns concept. Just my thoughts with a very small sample size.
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