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I could be wrong but I think Hutch carried a 6 inch Colt python

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.50 Hawken - Jeremiah Johnson ... originally owned by Hatchet Jack.
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P228 from Ronin

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Great thread! My favorites have all been mentioned but I’ll add Mattie’s Colt Walker in the original True Grit.

Originally posted by Sigmund:
Bond, James Bond used an AR-7 in "From Russia With Love, first time I'd ever seen one. He even shot down a helicopter with it!

But not directly. He shot the guy who’d been dropping grenades on them. The guy dropped the grenade he was about to use on James in the cockpit and that brought down the helicopter.


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The Gauntlet - 1977 - S&W Model 66 - 2.5” - .357 MAGNUM

One of my all-time favorite revolvers, have owned 7 over a 40 year span, down to just this one: 66-1 • P&R • shipped: April 1980
As far as the movie goes… seriously Clint, a circular PD firing squad with rifles in downtown PHX?!

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Probably the first time I suffered gun lust from any Hollywood show? Star Wars and (kinda) the Mauser C96 Broomhandle.

As for something more truer to reality: first real world longing was with the Steyr AUG (in Octopussy, then RoboCop a few years later). The next time had to have been with the HK MP5A3 from of all things, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle. Pretty bad movie, despite Tanya Roberts being very easy on the eyes. Had to look HARD to find any other redeeming quality to that flick, and I found it in the guns.

Back in my 'yooot' revolvers were never my thing so with most of the early Dirty Harry movies, interest in their guns really didn't do much for me. The later Sudden Impact and Callahan's Automag was however very cool. Guess the 1980s was more my 'formative years', so to speak.

To be honest Hollywood more greatly influenced my lust for cars than they did for guns.

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Adam-12: six-inch S&W Model 14 in early seasons, four-inch Model 15 later. If the S was really HTF, they went to a four- or five-shot pump shotgun. Without looking it up, I guess the Ithaca 37.
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HK USP Collatoral - Briefcase Scene

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Valmet M-78 from Red Dawn
M1911A1 from Magnum P.I.
Bren Ten from Miami Vice

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Sully's Model 10 from third watch. "If it ain't broke don't fix it."
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Originally posted by elberettas:
Originally posted by ARH19456:
How many times in TV series, NCIS, etc. where one of the characters has a Glock and a moment later in the same scene has a Sig, etc.? This has always bothered me, it bothers my wife too, but only because my daughter or I always notice it and point it out. How hard is it to assign a particular prop gun to the same person until a given episode is completed? Come on!

How about when a character has a GLOCK, then they add the sound effect of a hammer being pulled back? Most people don't notice things like that. Wink
5 minutes into the "Proverbial abandoned warehouse" scene after several shots have been changed, and with bad guys all around, and one of the "Good Guys" racks his shotgun to load a shell.
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Chief Gillespie (In The Heat of the Night) 6" Python Crossdraw in uniform , In civilian clothes a 2.5" 19 and later a Desert Eagle in uniform.

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Dominic Santini 1911A1

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I seem to remember a SIG P210 -1 or -2 in the original "Get Carter". I just checked it out and I was correct.
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LAR Grizzly Shakedown 1988

USP Match Tombraider

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When I think 210, I think Roger Moore in Wild Geese, again despite it only being in the movie ever so briefly.

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Interesting side bar to this thread...I was in Cody Wyoming this week on vacation...went to the Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Western Center. .. Outstanding...!...Visit there if you ever have a chance...One section has TV and Movie guns...Among them, John Wayne's rifle...Matt Dillon's stag handled SAA...the pistols and holsters from Bonanza's cast...I was in awe looking at these...!..items I'd seen hundreds of times on TV as a kid and adult.
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My homage to one of the early M-frame S&Ws used by Indiana Jones...


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