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A friend who buys storage units is always finding cool stuff to resell. Tonight he came back with a 28 foot truck load. He found a US Carbine scabbard in perfect condition, a leather gripped M1 Carbine bayonet, Imperial branded in very nice condition with its M8A1 scabbard. Two M3 grease gun stick magazines with a bit of surface rust, a bipod in OD green heavy canvas pouch, a old Winchester youth .22 single shot rifle, a Ithaca Gun Co. Lever action .22 single shot in great condition, seppin for rust, a POS Kassner Imports .22 M16 lookin' fence jumping with a 2x4 .22 cal semi auto, retractable stock thingy with a 14 Rifle pouch full of magazines for said POS and sling. Of interest is a Taylor Mk 1 drum magazine for 1911 pistol in fine condition. Only one I could locate on line showed it to be worth $200.00. I believe my ageing eyes read Birmingham and Atlanta on it. Plus text instructing to wind its big wing nut 8 turns... Cool Wind that 45 ACP baby up. Does this drum magazine have a history of being used by or made for Military application?
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To the best of my knowledge, the drum mag for the 1911 was never used in a military application, but I could be wrong. I will follow this thread to see if someone has better info.
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