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It appears that the Sig Sauer P239 DAO in 9mm are pretty scarce. There are no listings on the Gunbroker or other websites. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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DAO in the SIG platform isn't very common or popular - especially since SIG made their own DAK version in which seemed to supplant original DAO offerings to a large degree.

Honestly I don't know if they made a DAO P239, but I know they made a DAK P239.

Personally I'd only take a DAO/DAK SIG if the price was ludicrously low and in 9MM. Like $300 or less low.
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According to my 2002 factory armorer manual, the P239 was available in a DAO version. Based on the illustration in the manual, when the DAO hammer was installed in the pistol I can’t see how it would be possible to distinguish it from the normal DA/SA hammer. The DAO pistol would, however, not have a decocking lever. I suspect that DAO P239s were even less common than other model DAO pistols, and the latter were very rare.

P239s with DAK triggers, however, were readily available at one time, and that’s a type of DAO system. DAK P239s obviously do not have decocking levers either, and their hammer is somewhat different in appearance from the DA/SA hammer. The DAK hammer is smooth without any engagement grooves to facilitate manual cocking.

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The 239 was in fact available in DAO. I know because I own one. I have however converted it to DA/SA
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I have a 239 DAO. I had Grayguns work on it, and it's very slick. I often carry it.


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The P239 DAO was an option for NYPD. They pop up for sale on Gunbroker. I like the DAO models.
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Just to say it, for years I carried a DA/SA decock only pistol of one sort or another... but for the last year I've switched to DAO... just to see... I know that in most close on shooting situations, say within 20ft I personally can pretty much drill center mass with double action only.
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I got one in DAK a few months ago (right before they discontinued it), it's as sweet as any P-239.

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My first SiG was a 229 DAK. I'd pretty much been a rifle person, and my only pistol till then was a CZ-52. And every handgun I'd shot was DA/SA.

I became fond of my 229 for the great sights and the smooth action. But I was used to the slimmer profile of a single-stack, so I ordered a 239 through IOP; but DA/SA.

I love that 239, but I really regret not ordering it in DAK configuration. DAO is a very satisfying actuation, for me. Hope you find one, OP.
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