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Check out the Eclka at Amazon. Big wheels and for an old fart like me it comes with a seat.

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Maxpedition sells/sold a range backpack. It came with 2 very nice pistol cases that could hold a total of 4 guns and 8 mags between them. It had molle inside one pocket so I added a mag pouch to up mag capacity which I didn’t really need. Carries very well. Not as easy as a cart but also not as bulky as a cart. I found it very easy to travel between stages with a backpack without tiring like I would carrying range bags.
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I'm not laughing
WITH you
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I've designed and build dozens of gun carts, particularly for Cowboy Action Shooting. Take a look at my plans and email me. I'd be happy to send you a copy free.

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several folks make versions of it,

they work, and work well,
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