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Originally posted by Nick B:
I just threw away a 3 year old bottle of EWL30 .
I went to use it and nothing came out . Took the cap off and the top half had turned into jelly .
Probably would of still worked but when I checked my other brands of lube that were older they were fine .

I have a 3+ yo bottle of EWL 30 that’s still perfectly liquid. Maybe because I use it fairly often – although don’t use very much of it.

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Originally posted by Rotty37:
Originally posted by sigmoid:
I’ve had really good performance with weapon shield grease and lube oil

Same here. I use their products and had good results in all weather conditions also.

I will third this recommendation. I have used WS oil and grease for years with excellent results.
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Lucas Red and Tacky #2 lithium grease.

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Hickok and German army love Ballistol. It took some glue shit right off my bookcase and did not harm suface. Better than Froglube. Like Lucas red for rails. You can see it which is a plus.
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Originally posted by 220-9er:
Mobil 1 in a tube.

I use the same stuff, but out of the round tub.
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Originally posted by 2Adefender:
Originally posted by parabellum:
Slip2000 EWG mixed with a touch of EWL30. Slip2000 lubricants can be safely mixed, as the only difference is the amount of thickening agent in each- EWG, EWL30, EWL.

Slip2000 is the balls.

While I have no experience with these lubricants on pistols, there is a topic wellthought by Member 12131 useing them in a 50,000 round endurence test of a P228 pistol. Search P228 factoids and last page thread. I dont believe I've ever seen a auto pistol survive such a test.
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Mobil 1 Synthetic Wheel Bearing Grease is my go-to lube. No issues and it is cheap.

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I have some kind of marine grade grease I bought years ago to lube the lower gears on an outboard motor ..... that is what I use now. Before I came to this forum I just used basic gun oil... I still do on the other parts but I put the grease on the rails....
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Ballistol is essentially mineral oil (baby oil).

Pretty much any other oil will work better.

I use whatever motor oil is lying around the garage for a duty gun. I also have a tub of red grease I’ve had for ten years...when I was in the service we used “grease, axle or artillery” or we used “cherry grease” cause it was red...for small arms we used breakfree or LSA or later we used TW24B on the M242 25mm cannon.

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I tried that stuff and actually like it.

Originally posted by wellthought:
I have some MD Labs XF7 that I once used on my M14 (M1A). Will that suffice? Is it good stuff?

Description: XF-7 is a truly water proof grease with extraordinary powers of lubrication and corrosion inhibition. Formulated specifically for use on modern weapons in adverse conditions of high temperature, fresh and salt-water immersion, and high cyclic rates. XF-7 provides continuous protection up to 500 degrees F, short-term protection up to 600 degrees F and continuous protection from salt water and fresh water. XF-7 will not run, drip or melt even when heated. Long after conventional oil or grease has melted and or boiled off, XF-7 is still right where you put it, lubricating and protecting your weapon for corrosion. XF-7 works in the widest range of temperatures and climates of any weapon grade lubricant currently available. XF-7 DOES NOT WASH OFF IN SALT WATER. Ideal for weapons used in marine environments. XF-7 has been used with total success on AR15/M16/M4 type weapons, .50 cal M2 Browning, HK91, FAL, SKS, AK, 1911A1, Beretta 92/M9, SIG 226, Rem 700, Winchester Mod. 70, and numerous other weapon systems. XF-7 contains no Teflon, so no hydrofluoric acid is created if it burns off, as happens with Teflon/PTEE lubes. XF-7 if clear amber, non-staining, non-toxic, and O-ring friendly. XF-7 will not attack rubber or polymers. XF-7 will not damage common firearm's finishes or other metal finishes. XF-7 cuts time spent gun cleaning, because it will not char or carbonize on metal surfaces. Most powder fouling wipes right off.

Some reviews:
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Ballistol - state of the art in 1905.

There’s better stuff out there now....

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I like Slide Glide.

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I have these threads. But mobil1 grease is perfectly good for this and cheap.

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Originally posted by ensigmatic:
I like Slide Glide.
I used Slide Glide for a while. Slide Glide is high temperature bearing grease. I think you have to be careful with the standard and heavy grades, especially in cold temperatures. I wouldn't use anything but the Lite Slide Glide except in very hot environments. The thing I really don't like about Slide Glide is that it has organic components which oxidize over time, and it ends up looking like shit- literally like shit, this brownish color. I guess the change in color has no effect on its lubricity, but it just doesn't seem right somehow.
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Clean with Weapon Shield then Lubricate with Mobil 1 VTWIN 20W50.
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Originally posted by Ken8:
I like Brian Enos Slide Glide. I use all 3 weights depending on the pistol.

This on the slide rails.

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I used to subscribe to the gun grease mentality, but not just simply use Lucas Extreme (blue stuff) for everything.

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Have been using Battle Born grease for a while. Happy with the results.

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I've been using Slip 2000 EWG mixed with hexagonal boron nitride. Seems to work just fine.
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