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My first 239T got a regular barrel from TGS. It dropped right in. But the accuracy sucketh. Off hand (one hand) groups at 25 yards are 8-10 inches with match (what I used for leg matches in the M9)and factory ammo. Do you think Grayguns can make it better? They are just across the mountains from me somewhere out in the sticks.
I never tried the threaded barrel to compare.

To compare with my offhand groups with 228 and 220 they are more like 3 inches at 25 yards. The 220 is even respectable at 50 yards. Neither one is Bulseye match accurate.
The trigger on the 239 is the SRT and is equall or maybe better than the 220. The 220 and 228 are mid 90s German

I would also like to see about accuracy fitting a 226 9mm

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I realize you are a master of one-handed shooting, but are you aware that it may be difficult to shoot some handguns as accurately as others? Even shooting as I normally do with both hands on the pistol, I find it harder to achieve accurate results with the P239 than the other SIG handguns I own, including the Classic line models (P226 and P229, mostly). That’s primarily because of the size and shape of the gun’s grip. Some competitors go to great lengths (and expense) to find grips that fit their hands to their exact requirements (when permitted by the competition rules) for that reason.

This can also be affected by the trigger pull characteristics; in my pistols they are not all the same. I would assume that any such issues would affect one-handed shooting more than when the pistol is fired with the greater control and support of both hands. And of course the P239’s shorter sight radius will magnify any aiming errors; not enough, perhaps, to solely account for 3-inch groups growing to 8 or more inches, but it may contribute to the problem.

There could be a problem with the gun itself, but I certainly wouldn’t leap to that conclusion without further investigation. Have you tried having another skilled shooter fire the gun, and using a rest? And you might also try the gun with the original barrel which may have been fitted better at the factory.

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That's just the
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To get match accuracy from stock combat pistols, you may need to consider Bar-Sto custom fit match-grade barrels.
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I've found my P239 to be every bit as accurate as my P229 .40 and P229 .357.

I agree w/ shooting the original barrel and think it would be the best indicator before sending the gun off.
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Wait, what?
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Bench rest the pistol at 25 yards; one way or another, you’ll have the answer to your questions.

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I'd shoot it from a rest with both barrels before sending it out for any fitting. Just to be sure if it is a mechanical accuracy issue or a shoot-ability issue.

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