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Hello. I'm new to forum. I'm trying to learn more about SIG (and even Beretta M9!) pistols issued to US armed forces that are now available for purchase by civilians. Any suggestions on good reference sources (articles, books, experts here on the forum)? I'm just interested in the SIG and Beretta M9s -- I think I'm up to speed on the M45A1 decoms.
Thanks much! David
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I got nothing, but welcome aboard anyway!

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As far as published books, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to learn that there were ones that either focused on SIG or Beretta's military use...but, honestly I think their military histories are generally included in most of the overall histories of the two companies.

If you find books that discuss the history of the two companies you will more than likely come across references to their military use.

Also, it's worth noting that both SIG and Beretta are not just used by U.S. military forces, but various other countries' military forces as well, if that matters to you...which would then open up the reference list of books.

I can't help with any books about Beretta's history, but as far as SIG goes, you might consider trying to find a copy of the Gun Digest book of SIG-SAUER by Massad Ayoob. Also, SIG-Vickers Guide has been released by Larry Vickers and Ian McCollum and, given Vicker's background, it wouldn't surprise me if his book included some of SIG's military history, although I haven't ordered or read this book yet. I've read Duncan's book on SIGs, but it has been so long ago I can't recall him discussing any military use related aspects. You'll never go wrong spending time on Ian McCollum's Forgotten Weapons, and he has done many videos on both SIGs and Berettas.

Also, given that both SIG and Beretta competed in it, you should consider reading about the XM-9 military trials.

Most of what I've learned about both SIG and Beretta's history, including their military history have come from some of the excellent discussions right here on the forum, or in actually owning/ collecting some SIG military models, although I suspect many of the discussions have been pruned by now.

Generally speaking, modern military guns are not offered for civilian sale. Having said that, there are a number of unusual exceptions such as production over runs, special group orders, and beta-test models that have in fact made it into civilian hands. I owned a SIG military over-run and there are a few other members who have owned SIGs or Berettas from U.S. armed forces. If you open up considerations to law enforcement uses you will find many more examples in non-military non-LEA hands.

Although the forum search feature is not the best, there have been some excellent discussions over the years and, if you use a couple search tricks and focus on a specific model or question, you could still probably dig up some great info right here...or, if you are willing to put the work in, you could probably just start paging backwards and see what topics interest you.

After searching past threads, if your questions haven't been answered or the answers you find lead to additional questions, you could start a new thread and ask a specific question there and I would be willing to bet on forum members coming through to answer it.

Welcome to the forum! Smile
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I retired right as the Army was testing the P320 so I don't have much inside info on it. I carried an M9 as an MP, and shot them inn military matches. Do you have any specific questions on the M9?

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M9 = Beretta 92F
M11 = Sig 228 with Night Sights

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