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Sounds like a great gun but cannot even see/hold one here. Hope Sig gets to offer a 10 round mag so the XL can be sold here and in the other 7 States that have these Ahole mag restrictions.

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Hello, I purchased the P365 XL last week and picked up three 15 round magazines with the XL base plates which I had to switch out. Fired 520 rounds of fmj and hp's: American Eagle 115 grn fmj, PMC bronze 115 frn fmj, blazer brass 115 grn and 124 grn fmj, browning 115 grn fmj, IMI 115 grn hp, federal 124 grn hrdroshok, hornady 115 grn critical defense and hornady 135 grn +P critical duty. I wanted to verify reliability before switching to the P365 XL for concealed carry.
I'm pleased to report I didn't have any reliability issues.
I really like the straight trigger which breaks at 90 degrees. The trigger pull weight measured by my Lyman digital gauge was just over 5lbs before the range session. After the range session it was breaking at 4.5 lbs. So it appears it smoothed out some and has improved. Accuracy was dead on at 10 yards, the gun is more accurate for me than my Glock 19.
When I got home I did a thorough cleaning including removing the striker to clean and examine it. I can confirm the P365 XL sticker is a new design that is a tapered cut at what appears to be a 45 degree angle. The striker looks good with no wear issues that I can see after 520 rounds. In addition the black plastic that contacts the back plate is a different design compared to the P 365 and more difficult to depress to release pressure on the back plate. There is less room between the plastic that has to be depressed and the back plate. Overall I'm loving the Sig P365 XL. I paired it with an INCOG holster from g-code and I appendix carry. I was carrying a glock 19 appendix carry and it's a night and day difference. It's lighter, thinner and way more comfortable.
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