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There are certainly those on this forum that can tell you a lot more about gunsmithing etc on certain pistols. All I know is that if I buy a pistol and it breaks I don't like that it broke. If I buy several pistols in a certain line and have not one problem or issue ever they are probably pretty good pistols.

I've had SEVERAL SIG's break, get sent in for service etc. Rifles and pistols. I've had Exactly ZERO problems with Smith and Wesson other than from aftermarket sights, no problems with the Smith and Wesson parts. The M&P's for me have been FAR more trustworthy and reliable than recent Sigs have been and I've owned and shot double digits of both.

I usually STRONGLY recommend the M&P's to new shooters for their American made value and reliability. They certainly have worked well for me.......

Remember, this is all supposed to be for fun...................
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Pistol arrived at my FFL today, so that was fast.

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Good deal. I am sure you will like it. I got mine for $425 and thought that was a smoking deal!

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. . . and replacing the cast sear in any of the four M2.0 M&P9 pistols will improve trigger. Apex "two-dot" sear. Remove the rear pin, slightly lift rear assembly, finger over old sear, push side pin just enough (left-to-right) to release old sear, replace sear, wiggle cross pin to hold, lower rear assembly, replace plastic pin. Whether 5", 4.25", 4" or 3.6" - outstanding pistols at historical low prices.

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