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I have not owned a Sig in a long time. I did own a P938 years ago but at that time I did not like the Locked and Cocked way of carrying it. So I traded it in on something else. I was at my LGS Saturday and looking around, really just nosing. I look in the display and saw this awesome looking P938. I could not resist and bought it. I am now comfortable with carrying it Locked and Cocked (funny how you change as you age)and this little Sig 9mm is very accurate for me. I like the way it feels in my hand especially. It is as light as my Ruger LC9s and fits my pocket better than the LC9s. So now I do believe I will trade the LC9s in on a different gun. So I asked the LGS to get me a Henry AXE. I will trade my S&W BG380 in with the LC9s and some money but I will not even use them ever again.

I did order the Gen II mainspring housing and spring. The recoil spring rod is very tight, so tight that I could not begin to loosen the two piece shaft. My pistol appears to be made in 2014. Love it.

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Nice looking gun.
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